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  • Year-Round Facilities Rentals

    Looking for year-round outdoor adventures? Each of our camps offer excellent facilities to help get your Scout outside all year round.

  • Boy Scout Summer Camp

    A week spent at Boy Scout summer camp offers outstanding program opportunities, a highly-qualified camp staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Cub and Webelos Summer Camp

    Tuckahoe's Cub World doesn't look at all like your ordinary Scout camp and the programs offered there are truly special as well.

  • Hidden Valley

    Summer camp for Boy Scouts at Hidden Valley delivers on the promise of fun, learning new things and exciting activities to enjoy.

  • Camp Tuckahoe

    Tuckahoe provides program opportunities designed for Scout of all ages, offering packs and troops an outstanding summer destination.

  • Wizard Ranch

    Home of the Wizard Safari every four years, Wizard is available year-round for units looking for a close-to-home place to get away from it all.

  • Camp Conewago

    Whether your unit is looking to stay close to Gettysburg or a just a great weekend camping spot, you should check out Camp Conewago.

  • High Adventure

    The Boy Scouts of America has established four outstanding national high adventure bases.

Camping and Outdoor Programs

Year-Round Camping Reservations

Located in south-central Pennsylvania, the New Birth of Freedom Council is blessed with four outstanding camping facilities totaling more than 2,800 acres. These camps are:

While Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley serve as the council’s summer camps, all four camps are available year-round with a variety of camping opportunities and facilities available. Boy Scout Summer Camp programs are available at both Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley, while all Cub Scout Summer Camp programs are offered exclusively at Camp Tuckahoe.

Summer Camp


This section of our website provides visitors with information on the various facilities and programs available at all four camps. Should you need any additional information or wish to place a reservation at any of the council camps, please contact the Camping Services at (717) 432-5232.