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This section of the website will be used to feature news that might be of interest to all council Scouters.  The pages in the blue menu bar above link to many of the council’s special projects and activities.  Each district also has it’s own website, and the links to those can be found on the menu to on the right.

Using “Fun with a purpose” slogan

The BSA is asking for help from packs, troops, and crews to stop using the phrase “fun with a purpose” and to remove it from promotional materials and websites.  The phrase is a registered trademark owned by the publishers of Highlights children’s magazine.

Units do not need to stop using materials that have already been printed or distributed, but we’re asked to refrain from using the phrase on anything new.  The BSA’s marketing toolbox has a ton of other ideas and support materials that units can use.

To get additional details about this, please see the full story on the BSA’s blog.

Planning Guide and Calendar Booklet

Copies of the Planning Guide and Council Calendar Booklet are available as PDFs.  Due to their size, the booklet has been separated into two sections:

Silver Beavers

Congratulations to our Silver Beavers for 2014!

SB Class

Popcorn Sale News


A new issue of the Popcorn Kernel Courier went on on April 16.  This issue shared news about our popcorn vendor for 2014.  If you missed this issue, you can download it by clicking here:

Also, if you didn’t receive the Kernel Courier in your e-mail, that means that you aren’t signed up for the 2014 e-news.  You can sign up here.

Supernova Award

8ulsrn9euC09Tx8TqghtLGw5Nb5-XdWQivnHga8YhhgCongratulations to Scout Jack O. from Pack 171, Pioneer District, who earned the STEM Supernova Award.  Jack is the first Cub Scout in the New Birth of Freedom Council to earn the award (and one of the first 300 in the whole country)!

For more information about the STEM program and related awards, please visit national’s STEM awards website.  

Merit Badge Counselor Lists

The merit badge counselor directory is available online by clicking the “advancement” tap above.  The directories are listed right after information about Eagle Scouts.


The council maintains a number of e-newsletters for various special projects, which you are welcome to sign up for and learn more about.

Tour Plans

The tour plan is an excellent tool to ensure everyone is prepared for a safe and fun adventure. It guides a tour leader through itineraries, travel arrangements, two-deep leadership, qualifications of supervision, and transportation. Completing a tour plan may not address all possible challenges, but can help ensure that appropriate planning has been conducted.

Adult leaders can apply for tour plans electronically with an automated approval process that provides for prompt electronic delivery of approved plans. The applicant will need to provide detailed information about tour destination; dates; itinerary; participation and leadership; transportation plans (including vehicle information, driver’s license numbers, and insurance coverage); and the training certifications for Youth Protection and any other certifications needed for the tour.

Please download the instruction page here.