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Why Wood Badge?

The 2014 New Birth of Freedom Council Wood Badge Course is filling up quick.  Volunteers expect fun and fellowship at a Wood Badge course, but much more awaits. Read on about how this training session helps new-to-Scouting adults lead more successful packs, troops and crews.  Check out the latest Scouting Magazine article on Why Wood Badge.  Click Here to Read, Why Wood Badge?


A new NYLT Course Brochure along with a participant application are available on the NYLT section of the site.  Click NYLT above for more information.

University of Scouting

An informational flier about University of Scouting, scheduled for March 29 is available here.  Click the “University of Scouting” link in the blue bar above for more information and to register.


Additional Youth Protection Training Materials Available

One of Scouting’s top priorities is to ensure that all youth feel safe and welcome in our programs.  To give further guidance to our leaders and youth, Scouting has released two new training modules dedicated to youth protection and inclusiveness.

The first is Scouting’s new “Stop Bullying Now” initiative.  Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power or strength.   A child who is being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself.  The values of Scouting make clear that diversity should be embraced and bullying cannot be tolerated.  As leaders, we have a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others.  Training materials are available for leaders and Scouts.  These presentations are available at

The second concerns the implementation of Scouting’s revised membership standards.  These materials provide policies and guidelines to help ensure a smooth transition on January 1, 2014.  The presentations provide answers to frequently asked questions, as our Scouting family continues to lead our youth to grow into strong citizens, consistent with the Scout Oath and Law.  These presentations, for leaders and youth, are available at

We remind everyone that basic Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all registered Scouting volunteers.  This training must be renewed every two years.  Please take a moment to check on the status of your Youth Protection training in MyScouting.  If this training has recently expired, or will soon expire, please renew this critical training now.

New Online Registration Process For Training

“All Scouts deserve a trained leader.”  To simplify the registration process for live training courses offered by the New Birth of Freedom Council, we have begun a new online registration process.  To review and register for currently available courses, just go to the new Sign Up tab at the top of this page.  Select your course, click on Register, and you will be taken to the Eventbrite registration page.  Complete and submit the form electronically, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration.  This registration process will  improve our ability to provide follow up information prior to course.

Membership Standards Training

The BSA has formed a task force to prepare information to help members, families, supporters, and interested organizations better understand the recent membership standards resolution.

Members of the volunteer training team are working with the task force to prepare the information. The goal of the task force is to have the materials ready for sharing with local council professional leadership at the August Top Hands Conference. Followed by immediate distribution via

The materials should be available early October.


Venturing Training

After countless hours of research and work, the Venturing sub-committee of the National Strategic Plan’s 4.1.1 task force, has made its recommendations for updates in the Venturing program. These proposed program enhancements will take effect in May of 2014. So in the mean time we’re busy writing new training to match the changes. Be on the lookout for a new and unique training for Crew Committee members, entitled… The Crew Committee Challenge.

In addition, we will be giving a much needed facelift to the current Venturing Leader Specific Training, and writing four new youth training components that will support the changes in the recognition model. These will include, “Mentoring Others,” “Goal Setting,” and “Project Management.” As a bonus, Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews will be regaining its unique Venturing feel as we update it to be more relevant to the Crews of today

Shooting Sports Training

NRAinstructor_logoThe Shooting Sports Committee is hosting NRA training for Scouters who are interested and meet the requirements to become Range Safety Officers (RSO), and Certified Instructors for Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, and Muzzleloading Rifle. Please view the class list for a complete description of what each course covers as well as dates and fees.

We have received “The Larry and Brenda Potterfield BSA Shooting Sports Grant” which has allowed us to reduce the cost of the course for our in council Scouters.  To register for any of these courses please complete the registration form and return it to the council office. If you have any questions please contact Chuck Essig.

MyScouting Tools

Have you looked at MyScouting Tools lately? At “press time” (late June) the BSA’s Information Delivery Group was about to release some new tools including:

  • Ability to add administrators to the unit or district Key-3
  • Ability to update and report training records
  • Ability to indicate patrol, den, squad or other unit sub-group
  • Ability to add social network information
  • Ability to add additional personal info such as employer, awards earned, etc.
  • And more!

Youth Protection Training

Have you checked your Youth Protection Training (YPT) status lately? It is easier now that MyScouting Tools is up and running, but it still depends on you linking your membership ID number(s) to your MyScouting account.

The two biggest issues we find preventing a unit, district, or council from getting all active direct-contact leaders YPT trained are not linking the ID number and unrenewed YPT. Remember, YPT must be taken every two years.

At the end of June 81 councils had over 90% of their leaders CURRENT with YPT! We of course are looking for 100%, but we need to be realistic and leader turnover prevents some councils from 100%, and there is no reason that every council is not in this group of councils who have made the effort to be sure every leader is trained. Hats off to the Top 10 YPT Councils for June:

Tidewater Council Mobile Area Council
Rio Grande Council East Carolina Council
Minsi Trails Council Buffalo Trace Council
Jayhawk Area Council Five Rivers Council
Longhouse Council Moraine Trails Council

It is very important that we do all we can to protect our youth and that we stay up to date on how we can all do Scouting Safely. Be sure to bookmark, share, and visit the Youth Protection web site:



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