Camp Card Sale Updates

8smallTabTemplate HarrisburgScouts throughout the New Birth of Freedom Council are selling “Camp Cards” this spring to help earn their way to camp this summer!

The Camp Card sale is designed to help units earn money to help their Scouts to be able to afford to go to summer camp, a high adventure base or Cub Scout day camp.The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. The purchase price of a Camp Card is $5 and participating units and their Scouts will earn at least 50% commission for each card they sell!

A customer can purchase a Camp Card for only $5, but they’ll get far more than the purchase price. If they use all of the discounts on the card, the customer enjoys over $200 in value. If a customer regularly visits any of the stores on the card and uses all of the discounts, they will be receiving all of their money back — plus they will help someone go to summer camp. This is a low-risk fundraiser, as units can return their unsold cards.

In 2016, as in past years, there were three different versions of the card, each featuring multiple discount offers that are council-wide, as well as some offers that are specific to certain areas within our council. There will be cards focused on these areas of our council: Chambersburg/Gettysburg, Harrisburg and York.  

More information on the 2016 Camp Card sale

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