Has Your Unit Logged into Tentaroo?

Year-Round Registration Access in Tentaroo is only 10 days away and we want to make sure that your unit has all the information that it needs to reserve your campsite, cabin, or pavilion at New Birth of Freedom Council camping facilities in 2017, 2018, and 2019!

Whether you have planned your unit’s 2017-2018 calendar year or you are just beginning the planning process, make sure that the leader or parent from your unit who will be making your camping reservations have access to your Tentaroo account.  Each unit has a unit log in.  Log ins were sent electronically to the unit’s Committee Chair and Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Advisor/Skipper in February.  By default, these individuals were granted access.  Your unit can change these registered individuals at any time under the “Profile” section of the account.  If you need help adjusting your profile, you can view our Guide Sheet at www.newbirthoffreedom.org/tentaroo-help/.

Before year-round reservations go live, we recommend that the person in your unit responsible for reservations logs into Tentaroo to get acclimated to the interface.  While in the system, in addition to making changes to your unit profile, you can also update your unit roster.   Updating your unit roster periodically is helpful when registering for events such as Camporees, summer camp, and training!

If your unit cannot log in to Tentaroo, please contact Chris Styers at Christopher.styers@scouting.org.

Remember that reservations are not finalized until you Check Out and pay your deposit.  (To make a reservation you must put 50% down).

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