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2019 World Scout Jamboree – July 22 to August 2, 2019

Host Vs Contingent

This is the first World Jamboree hosted in the United States since 1967. The 2019 World Jamboree will be run by the Jamboree Delivery Team (JDT) which will consist of top leadership from Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Unit Information and Registration

All troops/crews will be made up of 40 participants, just like the current Jamboree model of 36 youth and 4 adult leaders. To be eligible as a youth participant, Scouts must have been born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005. We encourage Venturing Crews to attend, since most previous World Jamborees are 50/50 male/ female. Each Area Director and Area Jamboree Committee will be responsible for filling their adult leadership of the number of assigned troops/crews, just like previous World Jamborees. Adults who would like to serve in this role will require Scout Executive and Area Director approval. Registration is due to open in late September 2017 for participants and IST.

Cost of Event

To make the event as affordable for everyone, there will be a regionalized fee structure based on travel and there will be no touring prior or post World Jamboree. The Jamboree fee and transportation fees are still being determined. To receive a 5% discount off the participant fee, an initial deposit of $200 is required by 12/31/17 upon sign up.


8,100 from the United States / BSA
6,000 Participants: Youth (5,424) / Adults (576) – 150 Troops / Crews
2,000 International Service Team (IST / Staff)
100 Contingent Management Team (CMT)

New Birth of Freedom Council is part of Area 6, Northeast Region.  Area 6 has been provided a total of 7 World Jamboree troops – 252 youth participants and 28 adult leaders for all Area 6 councils (which also includes Baltimore Area, Chester County, Del-Mar-Va, Hawk Mountain, Mason Dixon, National Capital Area and Pennsylvania Dutch Councils).

International Service Team (IST)

BSA volunteers who wish to sign up to attend the World Jamboree were encouraged attend the 2017 National Jamboree to have a good understanding of the Summit and its programs. Potential IST volunteers will register through the US Contingent portal and be approved by their Scout Executive prior to being selected by a member of the HOST team for a specific WJ assignment.

Contingent Management Team (CMT)

The BSA Contingent will be led by current International Commissioner, Dan Ownby, young adult Rache l Eddowes and an Executive Committee. The contingent management team will consist of volunteers, young adults and professionals. Selections are almost complete and being made by volunteer team leads to fulfill roles crucial to the US Contingent.

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