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Friends of Wood Badge Reunion

November 4, 2017

At Camp Tuckahoe, 400 Tuckahoe Road, Dillsburg

RSVP Early Bird Due: 9/16 $20.00

RSVP After 9/17 $25.00


After a voyage filled with pillaging and plundering, the Jaded Jewel–a pirate ship captained by Redbeard, an old but dangerous pirate–is docked in a cove near Port Tuckahoe.  As the pirates head into town to celebrate their homecoming and spend their gold and goods, a night of turmoil and trouble is sure to transpire.


As the night quickly steers out of control, one guest meets a tragic demise and ends up in Davy Jones’ Locker leaving the rest of the party goers to bring the guilty to the gallows.


Is the culprit the profiteering pirate organizing a mutiny? Or, the saucy sea mistress who wanted more than a casual commitment? The perpetrator could be the swashbuckling swordsman desperate to win the love of the governor’s daughter, or possibly the treasure seeking sea person incapable of sharing.


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