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District Volunteers Needed


Here at Council we understand just how much work it takes to keep your Packs, Troops, Crews and Posts running and the most important thing to help is Manpower (or Womanpower). We are constantly in need of more volunteers and asking your new members parents is the easiest way to get it. Helping our newly involved parents understand that Boy Scouts would not run without volunteers willing to step up and help out is extremely important.


At the District level, we are also constantly in need of volunteers to help our entire District running smoothly. We are consistently looking for volunteers who are not only willing to help out, but for volunteers that bring something to the table, volunteers with a passion for Scouting, volunteers willing to step up to help better our District as a whole. Please let your District Chair, Wes Garrod or your District Commissioner, Brian Alpaugh know if you feel there are volunteers in your Unit that you think would be great volunteering at the District level or if you feel YOU would be great at the District level. We need your help to keep Scouting ALIVE!

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