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Klondike Derby Reservations

The Council Camping Committee and Executive Board have approved a policy for Cold Weather Camping, which impacts District Klondike Derbies. The policy states that there must be sufficient space at a Klondike Derby to get participants inside in the event of extreme and/or hazardous weather conditions. With this provision, all cabins will be reserved for district use until 90 days prior to the event.
Districts will be responsible for the reservations of cabins for their event. When you log into Tentaroo
ALL CABINS WILL SAY THAT THEY ARE RESERVED WITH A GRAY BOX. CABINS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE BUT ARE RESERVED THROUGH YOUR DISTRICT EXECUTIVE.This is to help accommodate all units that are interested in reserving space in a cabin. Once a unit indicates to the district that they are committing to use a cabin, the District can approve the request to be processed with the Camping Department.
Process for making a cabin reservation for Klondike Derby
1. Contact your District Executive/Director or district-designated volunteer
2. Communicate your preference for cabin
3. Once approved your reservation will appear in Tentaroo
4. Complete reservation by making payment
District Exclusive Use Ends and Reservations Open on a First-Come First-Serve Basis on the Following Dates:
• Tuesday, October 30th for the weekend of January 25th (Conococheague Klondike Derby at Hidden Valley)
• Tuesday, December 11th for the weekend of March 8th (Conococheague Cub Scout Klondike Derby at Hidden Valley)

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