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New Portal for Online Giving

The New Birth of Freedom Council is happy to announce that it is now easier than ever to make a contribution to support Scouting Online.  Our new online platform is live and new donors can make a gift to Scouting and current donors may even pay pledges.  

Donors can simply follow our Donate Now link and will be taken to our homepage for online donations.  From there donors can simply choose which campaign they would like to support.  

From there, donors will be able to fill out their pledge.

Would you like to double the value of your Friends of Scouting gift?  A great way to do so is through a company matching gift.  Our new system contains a search tool where you can input your company and if there is a process for matching gifts you will be linked to it.

In the same section above, donors wishing to make payment on a pledge, can enter the number on their invoice and make an electronic payment.

We are excited about this new platform to make your support of Scouting even easier!

For more information on questions contact Brian DeBease at (717) 620-4520 or Brian.debease@scouting.org


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