2020 STEM Adventure

STEM Adventure at the February 1 Merit Badge College

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For the first time, we will be running a STEM Adventure for boys and girls in grades 3-5 to complement the STEM Merit Badge College.  On February 1st youth will get to choose a topic for a full day of STEM fun!

Each topic will cover a complete STEM Scouts Module (AKA a group of lessons on a specific topic).  Space is limited for each topic, so register early!

Youth will get to choose one of the following topics:

Reaching for the Stars: (Astronomy)

Astronomy. One of the earliest sciences ever studied by humankind. But it’s more than just about stars and planets! What roles do blackholes play? What actually makes a galaxy, a galaxy?

In this module, Scouts will take a trip through the known universe! Beginning in our own solar system, they’ll navigate throughout the galaxies, discovering stars, asteroids, and even adventure deep into black holes!

Meet Your Earth: (Earth Sciences)

Our Earth is a rich history book! From its rocks to its oceans, Earth gives us a glimpse into its ancient past, but only if we look hard enough!

In this module, Scouts will investigate the various parts of our Earth by differentiating and recreating various rock formations, learning whether or not weather can truly be predicted, and by examining the deepest oceans and even the highest stars!

In this modules, let’s meet our Earth!

It’s Not Magic, It’s Magnets: (Physics)

Magnets are pretty easy to understand – opposites attract, like repel. But their mysterious power doesn’t stop there!

In this module, Scouts will analyze and be able to explain what makes a magnet, a magnet and then will use a magnet’s unique force to create a NEW kind of force – an electromagnetic one! Did we mention our invisible force shield? Or levitation? May the magnetic force be with us as we observe and experiment with a magnet’s power and full potential!

Get Under Your Skin: (Biology)

Head, shoulders, knees, and – organs? There is more to us than meets the eye! Let’s get under your skin and recognize what really holds you together!

In this module, Scouts will identify the bones in our major skeletal system, assemble muscles groups, and design functional organs. They will then investigate our major power source – the brain – and will reconstruct our smallest yet strongest communicator, the neuron!

Who can come to the STEM Adventure?

The STEM adventure is open to all boys and girls in grades 3-5.  They don’t need to be STEM Scouts.  They don’t need to be cub scouts.  All they need is an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math!!

When is the STEM Adventure?

February 1, 2020.  The event will run all day (from registration at 8AM until 3:00PM)

Where is the STEM Adventure?

Trinity High School
3601 Simpson Ferry Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011

What do I need to bring?

A love of science and a brown bag lunch.

How much will the STEM Adventure Cost?

The cost is $5 for each youth participant and free for each adult volunteer.

How do I register for the STEM Adventure?

Volunteers and participants can register using Tentaroo.  Click here to register.

We will be looking for adult volunteers to run these Modules.  If you are interested, please contact Rebekah.Schardt@scouting.org for additional information.