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Local Webelos Scout Hopes to Name 2020 Mars Rover

Eamon Reilly, a 10-year-old Webelos Scout in Pack 67 (chartered to the Dover Lions Club), is one of nine potential semifinalists in NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest.  More than 28,000 students around the country sent in essays hoping to name the 2020 Mars Rover.

Eamon hopes to make space history with his idea of naming the 2020 Mars Rover “Tenacity.”  Why “Tenacity?”

“First, I looked at old rover names,” said Eamon.  “They all show how scientists act, and I know scientists are perseverant. I decided to look for a fancier word for “perseverance” which I knew from a motto from my old school. I found “Tenacity” on Thesaurus.com. Scientists have to be tenacious because if they weren’t, Mars rovers wouldn’t exist, and maybe even the whole space program wouldn’t exist!”

You can read Eamon’s essay and cast your vote online at https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/participate/name-the-rover/#Public-Poll.  The poll will remain open until January 27, so please don’t hesitate to vote and share this information.


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