#Scoutingathome with the New Birth of Freedom Council

As school closures enter the second week, we have connected with some great Scouters to bring families and Scout leaders thoughts of what you can do with your Scouts at home.  Watch these videos with your Scouts and family or plan to turn them into a great activity that you can do at home.  

We would like to thank Jessica Donella for getting us kicked off with some great videos.  Jessica is a Den Leader with Pack 442 in Lemoyne and her son is a Wolf Scout.  Jessica is also the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for the Pioneer District.  She is excited to be able at do #Scoutingathome and bring her passion for Scouting to everyone.  Please, check out our introductory video.  We will post new videos every day.

Meet Jessica and find out about our program!

Episode 1 – Wolf Scout Elective – Germs Alive!

Episode 2 – Protect Yourself (Rules) Purple Preview Belt Loop – ALL Ranks

Episode 3 – 6 Essential Items for going on a hike

Episode 4 – Planting a Garden

Episode 5 – Stretching before hiking or exercise 

Episode 6 – Messenger of Peace Project 2020

Episode 7 – Tiger Scout Activity – Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries

Episode 8 – Bears – Super SCIENCE Elective

Episode 9 – Pitching a Tent

Episode 10 – First Aid Friday – CPR

Episode 11 – Art Explosion – Webelos Elective

Episode 12 – Bouncy Ball Experiment

Episode 13 – DIY Face Mask from a Necker(chief)

Episode 14 – Making a Terrarium 

Episode 15 – DIY Easy Meal

Episode 16 – Making a Rainstick

Episode 17 – Secret Messages

Episode 18 – Science Experiment

Episode 19 – First Aid Friday – Splinting

Episode 20 – Chalk Obstacle Course

Episode 21 – DIY Paint

Episode 22 – Stop Action Animation

Episode 23 – First Aid Friday – Preventing Accidental Poisoning

Episode 24 – Healthy Meals

Episode 25 – Bird Feeder

Episode 26 – Knot Series – The Square Knot

Episode 27 – #STEMathome – Math Jenga

Episode 28 – Scavenger Hunt

Episode 29 – Ice Cream in a Bag

Episode 30 – Knot Series – The Bowline Knot

Episode 31 – #STEMathome – Oil Spill Experiment

Episode 32 – Making Ooobleck

Episode 33 – The Clove Hitch

Episode 34 – #STEMathome – The Naked Egg

Episode 35 – Rain Gauge

If you would like to contribute a Scouting experience for us to share as part of our #Scoutingathome series, please reach out to Chris Styers at Christopher.styers@scouting.org.  

Keep on Scouting!

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