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Camp Cards – New Tool for Unit Chairs this year

Hello Battlefield Camp Card chairs!

New for this year’s sale, I’d like for the district to utilize Trello as a way for us to communicate from unit to unit about our stock of cards. Each unit participating in the sale should have their chair join the Trello board “BF Camp Cards” which can be done by emailing christopher.lontz@scouting.org and requesting an invite to join. Other leaders and parents can also join by doing the same thing!

Once on the board, you’ll find four “lists” that we’ll use throughout the sale.

First you will find “News from NBOFC” where we will post cards regarding news and updates from the New Birth of Freedom Council. You should use this list to stay up to date with the sale.

Second, there is a list for “Card Transfers — NEED CARDS” where you can go to request cards. You should request cards if you have a sale coming up at a location that you know does well and don’t have a large stock of cards left to sell. You can do so by adding your own card, naming it after your unit, “Pack/Troop ####” for example. Then you will make a checklist and make an item for however many cards you need of each type, and when you’ll need them. For example, “50 YORK cards needed by mm/dd”

Next, there is a list for “Card Transfers — HAVE EXTRAS” where your unit can list extra cards you have. This is a good place to go if you are having trouble selling cards. We’d like to reduce the amount of cards unsold by the end of the sale. You can add a card under this list to let others know what you extras you have and title it with your unit type and number. You’ll then make a check list detailing the number and type of cards you have left over.
You can also check the “Card Transfers — NEED CARDS” list for anyone who is looking for the kind of cards you have before making a new card under the “Card Transfers — HAVE EXTRAS” list.

Last, we included a list where you can suggest businesses for the Battlefield District to solicit for new offers on the 2021 card. Just use either the Hanover or Gettysburg card based on approximate area and add the business as an item to the checklist. If you have a personal relation with someone at that business, leave us a comment so we can work with you to contact that business.

Trello is a great organizational tool that is free to join and has a website and phone app, available on both the App Store and Google Playstore. We hope you will help us by using this tool and letting us know how we can better utilize this tool in future sales.

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