Day Camp and Twilight Camp Payment Deadline and Decision Extended

Day Camp and Twilight Camp Payment Deadline and Decision Extended

As noted in the May 13 announcement about resident camp, the Executive Committee elected to make decisions on resident camp independent of day and twilight camps.  These camps are still ON as scheduled.  In an effort to provide some Cub Scout experience, the New Birth of Freedom Council has engaged our Day and Twilight Camp Committee in discussing the feasibility of still providing safe and exciting experiences for our Scouts during the summer through Day Camp and Twilight Camps.  We ask that units refrain from making any Day Camp or Twilight Camp payments unit a decision has been reached on these summer programs.  We expect to make a decision on or around June 1. At that point, if we are able to open camps, we will announce a new payment schedule.

The Day and Twilight Camp Committee and staff are committed to Do Our Best in exploring options for Cub Scout Camping this summer.  Similar to resident camp we have been continuously monitoring the daily changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and have been gathering as much information as possible to aid in our decision-making process.  Like the resident camp, our primary concern is the health and safety of all of our campers, families, and staff.  We will not make a decision that jeopardizes that concern.  Unique to day and twilight camps is that all of our camps are hosted off of New Birth of Freedom Council properties.  We are working closely with our partners to determine whether they will open for the summer and if so, how we will be able to partner to make sure all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the PA Department of Health are followed.

Like resident camp, we continue to monitor whether we will be able to legally operate our day and twilight camps. We must also consider how each of our counties progress from “red” to “yellow” to “green” on the Governor’s scale as we have at least one camp based in each county in our 5-county footprint.  With this it is conceivable that our camps will be at different stages and forced to follow different requirements during the course of the summer.

Unlike resident camp, the structure of our programs and staff and the later start date for camps allow us to continue to monitor any new developments for a few more weeks.  The Day and Twilight Camp Committee is committed to offering experiences for our Cub Scouts.  We are enthusiastically seeking options for these experiences.  If we are able to open, any pack that was unable to attend resident camp would be welcome to register to attend a day or twilight camp session.  If we cannot conduct our traditional camp models safely, we intend to announce other options for our Scouts and their families such as Virtual Day Camp or program opportunities that may be hosted at New Birth of Freedom Council camp properties.

For families or units that choose to not wait until June 1, the COVID-19 Refund Policy that was released last week applies to Day and Twilight Camps and refund requests can be made through the appropriate request forms.

Please watch for further announcements about our programs around June 1.


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