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The 2020 Popcorn and Nuts Sale is Here!

Welcome to the 2020 Sale from our 2020 Popcorn and Nuts Council Chairman – Bruce Apgar

Greetings Unit Leaders, Popcorn and Nuts Kernels, Scouts and families,

Your Council Popcorn and Nuts Fundraiser team is hard at work to develop a sales plan for the Fall of 2020 that will help you achieve your program goals in the upcoming year within the constraints of the uncertain sales environment we are currently facing.

In 2019, Scouts in the New Birth of Freedom Council benefited over $400,000 from the sale, with almost $250,000 directly being added to individual unit bank accounts.  Losing that opportunity would severely limit our program options as we come out of the COVID-19 restrictions and try to launch the best Scouting year in history in 2020/2021.

From innovative Show and Sell/Take Order methods, to new concepts and Scout Delivery, to a greatly improved online ordering system, there are a lot of exciting initiatives in play which could help you have the greatest year ever in Popcorn and Nuts sales.

As you know, Program Launch was postponed.  We normally showcase our items at Program Launch and request unit commitments at that time.  To help us plan, we are requesting that you use the link below to register your unit commitment to the sale.  Whether we hold “in person” kickoff events in the Summer or host them virtually will largely depend on the nature of the state’s recovery from the COVID-19 restrictions.  By having solid contact information for your unit Kernel, Committee and Leaders, we will be able to keep all our key decision makers informed as we firm up the Kickoff Plans.

Like you, I am frustrated and saddened by the loss of Scouting Program opportunity that our Scouts have suffered, but I am equally committed to ensuring that as soon as possible, my Venture Crew can come back strong with the best year of program ever – all powered by Popcorn and Nuts.

Yours in Scouting

Bruce Apgar
New Birth of Freedom Popcorn and Nuts Committee Chairman
Advisor, Crew 46

Register to participate in this year’s Popcorn and Nuts Sale here.

View information about this year’s Popcorn and Nuts Sale here.

Sign up for the 2020 Popcorn and Nuts Sale Newsletter here


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