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Council Camps Open – Cabins and Campsites Available

All Council Cabins Reopen on September 1

A Unit Camping Manual has been developed to help guide you through this information and help make sure you know what is needed to camp at our Council camps.

Currently, all six counties in our Council area remain in the “green” phase of Governor Wolf’s plan to open Pennsylvania. With that being the current situation,  Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, Camp Conewago, and Camp Tuckahoe are open for short-term camping by units and Scouting families.

At Hidden Valley and Camp Tuckahoe, up to a maximum of 250 campers are permitted at any given time, with no more than 25 campers per campsite and cabins at 50% capacity.  At Camp Conewago, up to 25 campers per campsite and 50% cabin capacity is allowed, with no more than 175 total campers permitted on site.

Units can make reservations at all three camps using our Tentaroo online reservation system.  Families, if you wish to make a reservation, you can do so through your unit leader.

The fee for campsite reservations by in-council units and Scouting families is $15 per night per campsite.  This new structure represents a change to the Council’s fees for campsite reservations. At this time cabin fees will remain the same. This is due to the ever-changing nature of COVID-19 procedures, where more people may be allowed in each cabin in the future. This takes into account the fixed costs of the cabins with the addition of cleaning and sanitation products.

When checking in at camp, units will be required to provide a roster of all participants.  This roster must include contact information for all participants.  Additionally, unit leaders will be responsible for collecting a personal COVID Screening Questionnaire for each participant, which includes a temperature check taken just before departure.  The unit leaders will then submit the Units Leaders COVID Statement on behalf of the unit.

All units and families must follow all Boy Scouts of America, PA Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control guidelines while at camp.  These guidelines include, but are not limited, to not having a fever higher than 100.4 degrees, observing good hand hygiene, social distancing, wearing face coverings, sanitation, and cleaning of your campsite/cabin.

All campers are required to review the following guidelines:

BSA Restart Scouting Checklist

Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for Youth and Summer Camps

New Birth of Freedom Council Camp Rules

All buildings and shower facilities at the camps remain closed indefinitely, due to cleaning and sanitation requirements. A single restroom with flush toilets will be open at each camp. Stays longer than three nights will not be permitted.  Participants must bring unit or personal tents with them to camp.  Units are to stay together and not to mix with other units to help minimize the possible spread of COVID-19 in camp settings. Families at camp are also to stay together and not mix with others at camp.  Units and families are to travel through camp as a group.

All camp program areas will be closed unless a specialty program is scheduled. Units and families will need to plan their activities and bring the necessary equipment for those activities. Fishing and hiking are permitted, but swimming, boating, shooting sports, biking, and climbing are not approved activities.

Cooking is limited to propane stoves, charcoal grills, or over open campfires. The use of chainsaws or other power tools is not permitted. Flames are not allowed inside any tent. Campfires must be small, attended at all times, and fully extinguished when not in use.

Food service, medical staff, and the sale of merchandise will not be available at the camps. If a camper is injured, or if anyone develops COVID symptoms or other illnesses while at camp, please report these incidents to the Camp Ranger. When returning home, campers should avoid contact with high-risk individuals who might be more susceptible to the COVID virus for 14 days.

Link to Guidelines for Unit Meetings and Activities in Green Phase

Council Camp Mitigation Plan for COVID-19

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