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Popcorn and Nuts Sale – NEW! “Scout Deliver” Option is LIVE

The New Birth of Freedom Council is excited to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW way for your Scouts to sell popcorn and nuts – “Scout Deliver!”

This new version of the sale combines the best parts of our Take Order Sale, Show and Deliver and our Online Sale.  Scouts can invite neighbors, family, and friends to visit our online store at https://shopnbof.com.  There they will have access to our FULL PRODUCT LINE UP—popcorn and nuts in one place!  Customers can order anything they wish, pay for it online, and enter the code deliverfree2020 which signifies that is a “Scout Deliver” order!  Scouts will then deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep as part of the Take Order delivery.  Orders will be delivered between November 13 and November 23.

This new, safe, and easy way of participating in the popcorn and nuts sale provides a contactless way of inviting friends, family, and neighbors to support your Scouting adventure without having to pay expensive shipping and handling fees and having the full product line up in one transaction.

How does the ordering work for the customer?

Ordering product is very simple.  Customers simply follow the link, choose the products that they wish to purchase. Then, customers can choose the unit and the Scout to support. Please enter coupon code deliverfree2020 during checkout to override normal shipping charges (only works for popcorn and nut products).   Customers will be prompted to complete their online order with a credit card.  The unit will receive a confirmation on the delivery and will receive the products for delivery as part of the Take Order delivery on November 13.  Scouts will then deliver the product by November 23 to the customer.  Scouts don’t have to collect any money, they simply have to make the delivery.

Is “Scout Deliver” for anywhere in the country?

No.  Both CampMasters and Whitley’s have online platforms that are designed for shipping product anywhere in the United States and Scouts should encourage out of town relatives and family members to support their popcorn and nuts sales through those means.  “Scout Deliver” is only intended for customers wishing for product to be delivered in our Council footprint (Adams, Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry, and York Counties). 

How does a Scout participate?

Any Scout that is in a unit that is participating in the Popcorn and Nuts sale can participate in “Scout Deliver.”  There are no accounts to set up.  If a Scout wants to participate but his or her unit is not signed up for the sale, they should talk to their unit leader to get their unit signed up.  A Scout can send an email, text message, Facebook post, tweet, or any other means of communication inviting friends, family, and neighbors to support them.  Sample messages are below and can be adapted.  Scouts need to make sure that they have their customer find their unit and enter their name so that the Scout and unit can receive credit for the sale. 

Scouts may also wish to consider using a flyer or a door hanger and going house to house around their neighborhood inviting anyone that they would normally ask for sales to support them through the “Scout Deliver” option.  Just as in Show and Delivery Scouts and families should follow all Youth Protection guidelines and safety practices. 

How does a Scout know when an order has been placed?

We will send updates to the Unit Kernel after every order that is placed.  This is really meant for the Kernel to know how the sale is going.  It is encouraged that the Unit Kernel share this information with their selling Scouts so that they know that orders have been placed.

How will a Scout know what products to delivery to who?

At the Take Order distribution, Unit Kernels will receive a packet of distribution slips for every one of their “Scout Deliver” orders.  These slips will include the contact information and address of the customer.  The Scout will receive the product as part of their Take Order pick up and need delivery product by November 23. 

Does the Unit Kernel need to keep track of all of the “Scout Deliver” orders?

No.  We will send an email out with each order so that you know that orders are being placed for your unit and your Scouts.  At the close of the sale, you will receive a summary of all of the orders placed and which Scout(s) those orders are associated with. 

Does the Unit Kernel need to place a product order for Scout Deliver orders?

No.  The New Birth of Freedom Council will place the “Scout Deliver” orders on behalf of your unit.  Kernels should place their regular Take Order order by October 20.  The “Scout Deliver” System will remain open until October 27.  On October 28 we will place a separate, second order for your unit.  This way you don’t have to worry about tracking all of the orders as they come in. 

Will Scout Deliver sales count towards Scout prizes?

Yes.  Since “Scout Deliver” sales will run until October 27, we are extending the prize orders due until November 6.  This should give us enough time to get you the final totals and then give you enough time to make any adjustments for prizes. 

Do “Scout Deliver” sales count towards my overall unit total and what is the commission?

Yes.  These sales do count towards your overall total.  The commission will be the same commission rate that you qualify for as part of the rest of the sale. 

How does my unit sign up for the “Scout Deliver” option?

If your unit is signed up for the Popcorn and Nuts sale, then you are already entered into the system and can start taking orders right away.  If your unit has not signed up for the sale, you can sign up at this website


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