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Out-of-State Volunteers Coming to NBOF Camps In 2021

cspOut-of-state Scouting volunteers are not required under PA law to have the same background clearances as PA-resident volunteers do.  Out-of-state Scouting volunteers can supervise their Scouts for any timeframe between one and 30 days.

Out-of-state Volunteer 30 Day Provisional Period:

The “single period, not to exceed 30 days” has been interpreted to mean one single volunteer period (activity or volunteer episode) not to exceed 30 days, without obtaining clearances. Out-of-state volunteers may return to the Commonwealth multiple times throughout the year, as long as a single visit does not exceed 30 days – PA Department of Human services.

Example: A New York Scouting volunteer may supervise children in a Pennsylvania camp for Activity A for any timeframe between one and thirty days. If that same volunteer leaves Pennsylvania and subsequently returns to Pennsylvania at a later date for Activity B, the volunteer period restarts and the volunteer may participate in that activity without clearances for an additional period, not to exceed 30 days. The volunteer must be an out-of-state resident that can provide proof of compliance with the laws of his or her state regarding background clearances and child protection laws.

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