Earn Your Project Hercules Patch for Service at Camp Tuckahoe


Our Project Hercules Patches just arrived in the mail! Want to earn one?

Every Scout and Scouter that participates in Project Hercules has the chance to earn this special Project Hercules patch. The patch, featured in the header above, is set in nighttime depicting the consolation Hercules. The constellation shines ever bright in the darkness, giving hope the light will defeat the dark. Interesting fact, the constellation will actually be visible during the second half of the project. The patch also depicts the ever-famous deer of Tuckahoe, upon which we have received our name. And around the border, two conservation arrows representing all of our efforts to conserve the natural wildlife and ensure it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Scouts and Scouters who volunteer at least eight hours of service are eligible to receive this amazing patch. There are many chances to earn this unique patch between our Project Hercules Service Days and Chain Saw Basic Certification courses. Those Scouters who participate in our Chainsaw training will receive four service hours to put toward their eight service hours for the patch. We will not be tracking service hours on our end, so unit leaders should track their Scout’s hours while adults can track their own hours. Once someone has provided a total of at least eight service hours, please let us know, and we can get your patch to you.

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