Rendezvous: The Dragon’s Quest

Harken back to the days of old and join us at the Kingdom of Hidden Valley, where Scouts will mingle with knights and squires, lords and ladies, and live like the heroes of now-distant days. Yet Scouts should not expect an easy sojourn…

The Dragon’s Quest is not made for just any ol’ person…it is designed for Scouts – for Scouts to discover what it truly means to be a knight and knightess in the current age. This quest is met with festivity filled with games, food, and joy. Those who attend this great gathering will get to have the experience of a lifetime, one that cannot be had in any other kingdom.

Before your arrival, you will be asked to create a crest to represent your unit, patrol, or family. This crest will signify who you are, where you are from, and what you hold important. They can also be submitted for judging in a contest. Scouts will be able to defend the kingdom by practicing at our BB and Archery Ranges, Rifle Range (for older Scouts and adults), and by building a catapult and entering it into our contest to see who’s can launch the furthest.

Those wishing to watch over the kingdom can do so at our Watch Tower (Climbing Tower), ensuring the kingdom is safe from all sides. Likewise, no knight or knightess is safe without spending time to make a proper shield. They will also be able to step back in time in our Medieval Escape Room, by making a candle as they did in the days of old, and throw tomahawks to test their aim. And no medieval festival is complete without a jousting tournament, or as we would call it in the current age, the Bouncy Horse Challenge.

Rendezvous: The Dragon’s Quest is sure to be a gathering of the ages! As it takes much time to travel from kingdom to kingdom on foot and by horseback, we hope you mark your calendars for September 24 – 26, 2021, so you do not miss the chance to participate in these noble activities.

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