2021 Summer Camp FAQ

We regularly consult with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Agriculture to ensure we are up-to-date on all current guidelines related to summer camp and planning the safest program we possibly can. While there are still some uncertainties about this summer and guidance is being updated regularly, below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions and the best solutions we can give at this time. As guidance is updated and we make changes to our plans for this summer, we will update and add to the information below.

General Procedures

Q. What precautions is the camp taking to ensure camper safety?

A. As always, Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley Scout Reservation remain committed to the safety of our summer camp Scouts, leaders, volunteers, and staff. We regularly consult with our local and state health departments and our Executive Board to prepare and implement appropriate protocols to prepare for the summer and keep everyone safe. We will remain in full compliance with CDC, State, and local guidelines at all times.

Q. Are masks required while at camp?

A. Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley Scout Reservation will follow the CDC’s current guidance regarding when campers should and should not wear masks. Currently, campers must wear masks indoors and outdoors when social distancing at least six feet is impossible.

Q. How will social distancing work in a summer camp setting?

A. Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley Scout Reservation will follow the CDC’s current guidance when it comes to social distancing is applicable and how to spread out individuals.

Q. Is there anything special we should bring to camp?

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring a folding chair.
  • While not required, campers may wish to bring individual tents.
  • Personal water bottle.
  • Personal hand-sanitizer.
  • Face coverings (bring enough to last the whole week, with extras to “Be Prepared!”)

Dining Hall Operations

Q. How many people will be seated at a table?

A. We envision no more than four people seated at a table, with each table placed six feet from other tables. We recommend that those sharing a table are individuals who traveled together and are tenting together.

Q. How will meals be served in the Dining Hall?

A.  We are currently working with trained professionals and our Department of Agriculture to develop the safest way to serve and eat meals during summer camp. Meal service may vary slightly depending on the session’s size and how many people we are permitted to have in the Dining Hall.

Q. How will meals be prepared?

A. We will be adding individually packeted items to our menu this summer to prevent cross-contamination and lessen the number of shared objects that are touched.

Q. Will campers eat their meals inside or outside of the Dining Hall?

A. Campers will be able to eat their meals inside or outside the Dining Hall. For those wishing to eat outside, tables and chairs will be available.

Q. Can food be served at the campsite?

A. The camp will not ship meals to campsites. However, units who wish to remain distanced from other units to eat may take their tray and food from the Dining Hall back to their campsite, returning all reusable items at the end of the meal.

Campsites: The Heart of Camp

Q. What will the sleeping arrangements look like at camp?

A. Camp Tuckahoe and Hidden Valley Scout Reservation will provide our usual two-person canvas tents with metal cots and mattresses. Individuals sharing a tent should sleep head-to-toe to maximize distance. Campers can tie back tent flaps to allow for more airflow, and Scouts who traveled together are encouraged to tent together. Units may bring their tents if they wish to spread out more and sleep one person in a tent.

Program Operations

Q. How will the program safely be offered in camp?

A. We will move all of our program areas outdoors to encourage good airflow and social distancing. Scouts will be seated distant from other Scouts and wear a mask in compliance with all appropriate guidelines.

Health and Safety

Q. Will the camp staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

A. The CDC has elevated summer camp staff to Phase 1B in the distribution list for COVID-19 vaccines. We are currently working with a pharmacy to ensure that those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine can do so before summer camp. We are strongly encouraging all summer camp members to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to protect themselves and others against the virus.

Q. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be required to attend summer camp?

A. No. Under current guidelines, campers will not be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who are eligible to receive the vaccine are encouraged to speak with their health care professional.

Q. Is there an extension available for Annual Health and Medical Reviews (“Medical Forms”)?

A. No extensions have been given for Annual Health and Medical Reviews for the summer of 2021. Each Scout and adult attending summer camp must have a current Annual Health and Medical Review (Parts A & B for Cub Scouts and Parts A, B, & C for Webelos and Scouts BSA). Ex. If you completed your medical form on July 15, 2020, it is good until July 31, 2021.

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