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The Dragon’s Quest is not made for just any ol’ person…it is designed for Scouts – for Scouts to discover what it truly means to be a knight in the current age. This quest is met with festivity filled with games, food, and joy. Those who attend this great gathering will get to have the experience of a lifetime, one that cannot be had in any other kingdom.

As a staff member, you will help make this quest a reality. There are many ways to participate as a volunteer.  See the details of the areas we need help with below and sign up by following the registration link.  


Registration covers your registration fee for the event, meals, and more.

  • Full Weekend Staff: $30 
  • Saturday Only Staff: $15 

Rendezvous Volunteer Staff Opportunities


This is where all the magic happens! We have tons of great opportunities in our program areas.

  • Handicraft:  Do you like Leatherworking, Wood Carving, Metal Working, or just have a passion for making things?  Come join our Handicraft team!
  • Scout Skills: Money bridges, rope making, and tower building aren’t just Scout skills they were a way of life in the Age of the Dragons.  Lend your talents to this great program area!
  • Medieval Games:  Life may have been tough during medieval times but they still made time to enjoy sport!  Volunteer to help with our Bounce Horse Challenge, Caber Toss, or other Medieval  Games!
  • Games: Not all games are Medieval!  Help Scouts have fun by volunteering to be part of our games staff where we have gaga, bocce ball, a trike course, and more!
  • Nature: Sherman’s Creek has some great fishing opportunities! Are you interested in helping Scouts experience the great waterways that Sherman’s Creek has to offer?
  • Catapults: From mini catapults that fling marshmallows to larger ones that will launch grapefruits, this area will be a challenge for Scouts of all ages!  Join our launch team!
  • Shooting Sports: Are you a Rangemaster or Range Safety Officer?  If so, we need your help to deliver an awesome shooting sports program.  We are seeking qualified individuals to run our BB Range, Archery Ranges (Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA), Rifle Range, and Tomahawk Ranges (Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA).  If you are interested in helping but don’t have a current Rangemaster or Range Safety Officer certification, please sign up.  We are planning to conduct training for interested individuals before Rendezvous.
  • Older Scout Program: We are looking for individuals with Climbing experience and certifications to help run our older Scout program.  
  • Rendezvous Show: One of the highlights of our event will be our Saturday Night Show and Fireworks.  Are you interested in being a part of the team that puts this together?  If so, sign up for our Show Committee.

Trading Post and Food Service and Sales

Everyone at Rendezvous needs to eat!  We need help to feed them!  Whether you are interested in food prep or sales or volunteering in our trading post, we have something for you!  

Facilities and Security

Rendezvous is a BIG event and we are in need of volunteers to help with set up, supporting program areas, and working behind the scenes to make everything happen.  This group is also critical in helping to keep camp orderly as we bring in hundreds of Scouts and Scouters.  If you are looking for a great way to provide cheerful service, sign up today!

Emergency Services

We always strive to Be Prepared!  We hope that no one gets injured at any Scouting event, but we make sure that we are prepared for anything.  Join our dedicated group of Scouters and emergency services professionals to provide support to our campers at this year’s event.  

Media Team

Will you help us capture all of the fun and excitement with this year’s Rendezvous?  We are looking for photographers and videographers of any skill level who are willing to help capture Scouting memories from this great event.

Commissioners and Registration

Are you a Commissioner?  Are you someone who is organized and can help in a fast-paced environment?  This position is for you!  We are looking for folks to help out on Friday night and Saturday morning with check-in and individuals to help us out on Sunday morning with check out.  Join this great group of Scouters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to attend the entire event?

A: No.  You can choose to help for the entire weekend or just on Saturday.  If you would like to volunteer on Friday Only or on Sunday as part of clean up, please contact the volunteer lead for the area you wish to volunteer or contact Todd Weidner at  

Q: Do I have to work my station the entire day?

A: If you can volunteer for the entire time that is fantastic.  We understand that Rendezvous is an exciting event and you may not want to volunteer for the entire time so that you can check out all of the other great activities that are happening.  We ask that, at minimum, you volunteer to work in the morning or the afternoon (if working program areas).  

Q: What if I want to attend with my unit?

A: You are welcome to register with your unit to attend Rendezvous and be on staff.  Please make sure that you still register.  We encourage you to register through the staff portal and for the unit to add you to their roster (you only pay once, either as staff or as a unit participant).

Q: Will there be a staff camping area?

A: Yes.  There will be space for all of our staff to camp.  If you choose to camp with your unit, you may do that as well.  

Q: I registered for staff, what happens next?

A: Your information will be sent to the respective heads of each area. They will then be in contact with you pass on important information and begin preparing for this spectacular event. Further communication will also be sent out to all the staff as we get closer to Rendezvous.

Q: I registered for staff but have not heard from anyone, what should I do?

A: We are sorry that you haven’t heard from anyone.  Please see the list and contact information at the bottom of this page for all of the key area leads.  If you have trouble connecting with them or have additional questions, reach out to Todd Weidner at or (717)-580-0180.

Q: Do I need a Health Form?

A: Yes, you will need to have a Part A and B Health Form the same as participants.  


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