Join Us for Restart Scouting Summit – June 3


What is one of the most important meetings that your unit can attend to prepare for an awesome 2021 Scouting year?  The RESTART SCOUTING SUMMIT on June 3 at Camp Tuckahoe.  In place of Program Launch and the June Council-wide Roundtable, the New Birth of Freedom Council is inviting representatives from all of our units to participate in this important program.

Why should I attend?

The youth in your community NEED YOU!  COVID-19 has interrupted the lives of the youth in our communities vastly changing their experiences over the last year and limiting their access to worthwhile programs that are FUN and help youth grow and develop.  The mission of Scouting is even more relevant today and we need to deliver on our goal to make Scouting programs available in every community that we serve.  The goal of our RESTART SCOUTING SUMMIT is to help you prepare to meet the need of the youth in your community by giving you valuable insight and tools to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that are ahead.  

Who should attend?

We are inviting 2 leaders from every unit to attend.  We recommend that one leader be your key unit leader (Scoutmaster/Cubmaster/Skipper/Crew Advisor) or your Committee Chair and the other your Popcorn and Nuts Kernel.  You don’t have to fill those roles to attend but we feel those positions will get the most out of the evening. 

What are the details?

“Doors” open at Camp Tuckahoe at 6:15pm.  Weather permitting, all of our programming is designed to be outside.  At 6:15pm we will have stations open for participants to visit.  These stations have key information that will be referenced during the evening’s program.  You will be able to come to pick up membership supplies, popcorn and nuts samples, and a special treat to get you thinking about Rendezvous this fall!

Our program begins at 7:00pm in the Campfire Circle.  This is our general session where we will cover some of the key pieces on what your unit can be doing to get ready for the fall.  Around 8pm, we will split up into three separate sessions, a Cub Scout Session, a Scouts BSA Session, and a Popcorn and Nuts session with presentations geared towards each group.  We plan that those sessions will be wrapped up by about 8:30pm.

Rendezvous Promotion

We are excited to be able to host Rendezvous this fall for all of the Scouts in our council.  As part of the RESTART SCOUTING SUMMIT, each unit that registers and attends will receive a special Rendezvous mug that they can bring with them at Rendezvous.  They will also receive a bottle of Appalachian Brewing Company Root Beer.  The tavern is one of our tastiest experiences (root beer and root beer floats) at Rendezvous and is just a small taste of the exciting program that awaits.

Is attending safe?

Yes.  All attendees will be required to wear masks and will be temperature screened when they arrive at camp.  We are planning to hold all of our sessions outside, weather-permitting!

What if it rains?

We are working on rain plans in order to take advantage of the outdoor but undercover facilities that we have at Camp Tuckahoe.  

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