Initial Show and Sell Popcorn and Nuts Due Today

Get your 2021 Popcorn and Nuts Sale started on the right foot by making sure that your Show and Sell Order is placed today, July 26 for August 13 pick up.  Units can place their Show and Sell Orders by clicking here.  If you are having trouble placing your order or have questions about your order, please contact any member of our team through their contact information here.  

If your unit is planning to place Consignment Orders.  Those orders can be placed at any time during the sale and can be placed by following the link here.  

If your unit misses the July 26 deadline for Show and Sell, there will be additional opportunities for getting Show and Sell products, but we cannot guarantee your product for the August 13 pick up.  If you would like to place a Show and Sell order after July 26, please contact Chris Styers at or Holly Schwalm at

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