Year Round Camping COVID-19 Updates

Camp Conewago, Camp Tuckahoe, and Hidden Valley Scout Reservation are currently all open and available for weekend reservations. There are currently no capacity limitations on any of our camps or facilities.

Units can make reservations at all three camps using our Tentaroo online reservation system.

When checking in at camp, units will be required to provide a roster of all participants.  This roster must include contact information for all participants.  Additionally, unit leaders will be responsible for collecting a personal COVID-19 Screening for each participant, which includes a temperature check taken just before departure.  The unit leaders will then submit the Units Leaders COVID Statement on behalf of the unit.

All units must follow the New Birth of Freedom Council’s current COVID-19 Guidelines for Unit Meetings, Activities, and Outings as outlined on our website. Be sure to check these guidelines again before your arrival at camp to ensure nothing has changed since making your reservation. Everyone must also follow the New Birth of Freedom Council Camp Rules while at camp.

Should you have any questions regarding our current procedures or making a reservation, do not hesitate to reach out to our Camping Department at or (717) 620-4525.

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