Sharing September – Council Membership Minute


Restoring membership to healthy levels is the top priority for the council this year, so each month we will be offering a quick tip to help your unit achieve its recruiting goals.

This month’s tip is sharing. Sharing September, you can call it. Did you know that most Scouts joined because of someone they know? It’s true. That’s why sharing the news about Scouting is so important. Two great examples are Scouts sharing their fun experiences with their friends, and parents sharing their support for the program with the parents of their Scouts’ friends. It’s no accident that engaging parents and incentivizing Scouts are the first two points of our “All Hands on Deck” fall recruiting plan.

But sharing goes beyond that. Does your unit have a Facebook page? Great! Ask your leaders and parents to share your posts on their own pages. It will expand your reach exponentially. Did your Scouts have a great experience? A great experience can be turned into a testimonial, which can be shared in any number of ways, from flyers to social media to newspaper submissions. Which, come to think of it, sounds suspiciously like point three of our “All Hands on Deck” plan: get your message out.

So, as we begin the hugely important recruiting month of September, let’s focus on how we can maximize our efforts to share the news about our great program. Thanks to each of you for what you’re doing to make this the best membership year the New Birth of Freedom Council has ever had.  Tune in for more great tips in October!


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