Register to Attend the October Council-Wide Roundtable

The New Birth of Freedom Council will be holding our first Council-wide Virtual Roundtable this fall on October 7 at 7:00pm.  For the 2021-22 Scouting year, we will hold a combination of virtual and in-person Roundtable meetings (see the schedule below).  The October Roundtable will feature training for the 2022 Recharter Process.  This is an extremely important Roundtable for the person in your unit responsible for the Recharter Process.  In addition to recharter, we will be talking about the fall membership campaign and share important information about events that are coming up as we approach the last quarter of the year!

Register for the October Council-Wide Virtual Roundtable here.

The Roundtable Schedule for the 2021-22 Scouting year is currently planned as follows:

  • October 7 – Virtual Council-wide Roundtable
  • November 4 – In-person District Roundtables
  • December 2 – In-person District Roundtables
  • January 6 – Virtual Council-wide Roundtable
  • February 3 – In-person District Roundtables
  • March 3 – In-person District Roundtables
  • April 7 – Virtual Council-wide Roundtable
  • May 5 – In-person District Roundtables
  • June 1 – In-person Program Launch at Camp Tuckahoe

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