Top 5 Reasons to Attend Summer Camp

There are many reasons to attend camp, from interacting with the amazing staff to buying stuff in the Trading Post and relaxing in the swimming pool to climbing up the tower. While all good reasons, we believe there are five top reasons parents send their Scouts to summer camp each year:

Reason #5: Home Away from Home

Scouting is a second family, and camp is no different. When at camp, Scouts build bonds with other Scouts in their unit and new Scouts they meet when they get there. These bonds build social skills and help Scouts learn to adapt to unfamiliar environments. Not to mention the experiences they will have together and the memories they will hold onto for years to come.

Particularly for Cub Scout and Webelos Summer Camp, attending camp is also the perfect place to spend some time as a family. There is nothing better than having fun, playing games, enjoying nature, relaxing by the fire, and learning new skills together as a family.

Reason #4: Reconnect with Nature

Summer camp is a fantastic antidote to the technological world. Scouts, except for meals, are always outside at camp. This exposure to nature helps Scouts appreciate nature in a fresh, new way. Being in the outdoors allows us to recharge, relax, and unwind from the busy world outside of camp.

Reason #3: Try New Things

Summer camp allows Scouts to step out of their comfort zone and try new skills, challenges, and activities that they may not experience elsewhere. This helps expand their horizons to experiment, learn from mistakes, and make personal improvements in a safe environment. As a result, scouts walk away from summer camp more confident in themselves and having made daily accomplishments.

Reason #2: Adventure

Scouts love exploring, getting dirty, and learning with their hands. There is nothing more indicative of summer camp than just that. Summer camp helps nourish that innate drive for adventure in everyone, and it is tailored for all learning styles and interests. There is something for everyone at camp: climbing, crafts, swimming, hiking, learning about animals, shootings sports, building towers, cooking, sports, and so much more.

Reason #1: It’s Fun

Last but certainly not least, Scouts love attending camp because it is fun. From the moment they arrive, Scouts are constantly laughing, enjoying the company of others, and participating in engaging games and activities. All of these experiences are memories they will hold onto for a lifetime.

When asked how camp went, without fail, the answer you will most likely receive from your Scout when they arrive home is “it was fun”…”it was amazing”…”I want to go back”…”I loved it!”

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