April 2022 Council-Wide Roundtable Follow Up

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the April 2022 Council-wide Roundtable.  We had a great meeting and we hope that all of the participants were able to get a lot of good information.

We shared that during the presentation we would share both the slide deck and the recording from the meeting.  A list of additional resources is below.

Update 4/11/2022

April Roundtable Recording

April Roundtable Slidedeck


  • District Announcements
    • Battlefield District Spring Camporee – April 22-24, 2022. More Information here.
    • Battlefield and Heritage Trails Districts Fall Camporee – September 23-25, 2022. More Information here.
    • Heritage Trails Spring Camporee – April 22-24, 2022. More Information here.  
    • Heritage Trails District Pinewood Derby and Recruiting Festival – May 7, 2022. More information here.
    • Keystone Capital Spring Camporee – April 22-24, 2022. More information here.
    • Pioneer Shooting Sports Bonanza – April 30, 2022. 
    • Pioneer District Pinewood Derby – June 4, 2022. More information here.
  • Training Announcements
    • National Youth Leadership Training is starting a waiting list for the boy troop.  The girl troop still has a limited number of spots.  More information here.
    • Register for the upcoming Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) here.
    • Register for Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) here.
  • Staffing Updates
    • Mitzi Perry and Cindy Trish have both officially retired.
    • Donna Spangenburg will retire on April 15
    • Alexandria Houck is taking Mitzi’s place
    • Daniel Stone will now be our Registrar. Daniel can answer questions about clearances or anything to do with registration.
  • Save the Date for Program Launch – June 1 at Camp Tuckahoe.  More information coming soon.
  • April and May are great months for Friends of Scouting presentations. Presentations count 100% towards Unit Program Fees.  Contact your district executive to schedule.
  • Unit Program Fee totals and credits will be shared with units soon now that recharter is complete.
  • Council Recognition Dinner is May 7. Register to attend here.
  • Advancement Updates
    • Citizenship in Society Merit Badge becomes a required badge on July 1, 2022.  Read our full post here.
    • COVID-19 requirement changes ended March 1, 2022.
    • Cub Scout Advancements are changing.  19 electives will be effective with some being retired on May 31, 2022.  More information here.  
  • Events 
    • Hershey Bears Scout Night – Saturday, April 23.  More information here.
    • Harrisburg Senators Scout Night – Saturday, August 13. More information here.
    • York Revolution Scout Night – Friday, July 15. More information here.
    • Congratulations to Owen Z for winning the Patch Design Contest
  • Stay up to date with the Council Calendar which is available here.


  • The Council Executive Board approved a new Council-wide Membership Plan
  • Summary of Goals
    • Recovering the Scouts lost due to COVID-19
    • Recruiting new Scouts at all levels in all programs, with a particular emphasis on Cub Scout recruiting.
    • Retaining existing Scouts by emphasizing a quality program by trained leaders
    • Starting new units in previously underserved areas and emerging populations
  • Scouting continues to be an “All Hands on Deck” plan
  • Plan emphasizes
    • Non-traditional Recruiting Techniques
    • Parent On-Boarding
    • Role of Commissioner Service
    • District-wide recruiting events
    • District Activities with recruiting components
  • What can your unit do now?
    • Run a spring Invite a Friend Event
    • Plan to be an active summertime unit
    • Recruit/Identify a Unit Membership Chair
  • Check out the Membership Resources on the New Birth of Freedom Council Website

Product Sales Update

  • Camp Card Sale is in full swing
  • If your unit isn’t signed up to participate in the sale. Sign up here.
  • If your unit needs to reorder cards.  Place your order here.
  • Check out the card designs and sale resources here.

Cub Scout Adventure Camp

  • Registration for Cub Scout Adventure Camp is open.  Find out more about the camps here.
  • Register to attend here.
  • Register to be on staff here.
  • Share our Cub Scout Adventure Camp Promotion with families here.

Camping Updates

  • Open house at Hidden Valley is scheduled for May 7 and Camp Tuckahoe is scheduled for May 21. More information here.
  • Key upcoming dates
    • Campership Applications Due – April 15
    • Fee Increase of $25 – May 1
    • Dietary Request Forms Due – May 31
    • Adult Clearances Due – Two weeks before the session
  • 2022 Family Camp – May 20-22 at Hidden Valley. More information here
  • Learn more about the 2023 National Jamboree by clicking here.  
  • Still awesome opportunities for summer camp staff at both camps.  More information here.
  • 2023 Philmont Trek – June 12-26, 2023.  More information here.
  • Beaver Day at Hidden Valley on May 7 and at Camp Tuckahoe on May 21.  More information here.
  • Ranger works days are the 3rd Saturday of the month at Camp Tuckahoe and the 1st Saturday of the month at Hidden Valley.  Contact Josh or Greg if you are able to help.
  • Make sure to check out our video update about the timber harvest at Camp Tuckahoe here.  
  • Camp Trainings Scheduled
  • CPR/AED Training – May 14 at Camp Tuckahoe.  Register here.
  • Archery Level 1 and 2 Training – May 14 at Camp Tuckahoe.  Register here.
  • Rangemaster Training – April 30 at Camp Tuckahoe.  Register here.

New Clearance System

  • New System is live and sending reports.  Read the announcement here.
  • Adults submitting clearance renewals or submitting brand new clearances can follow the new process.  More information here.

Questions and Answers from Roundtable


Q: What time is the Battlefield Cookoree Leaders Meeting?
A: Monday, April 18, 2022 at 8pm.

Q: When will the credit statements for the Program Fee be mailed?
 They should be out in the next week or so.  We were waiting for recharter to conclude to be able to communicate everything at once.

Q: How can we find out who Merit Badge Counselors are and how to contact them?
A: Currently, Scoutbook is the best way to get the current Merit Badge Counselor list.  We are no longer able to publish a list like we used to maintain on the Council website.  From Scoutbook, go to the Merit Badge Counselor list, select the criteria you need and click “Search.”  This will give you counselor options, badges, and distance away.

Q: How does the June 30 deadline work for Citizenship in Society Merit Badge?
 The June 30 deadline is for all requirements to be met.  If an Eagle Scout candidate does not complete all of his/her requirements on or before June 30, they will be required to complete Citizenship in Society Merit Badge.  This does not mean that they have to have their board of review or all of their paperwork turned in before July 1 to qualify.  

Q: Why do the Spring Camporees conflict with the Scout Night at the Hershey Bears?
A: The Hershey Bears schedule their Scout Nights independent of our scheduling.  Our dates were set in May 2021.  In the past, we’ve had more options for Scout Nights and Scouts could choose from several options.  With COVID protocols for much of their season, the Bears had limited opportunities this year.  We are optimistic that in 2022-23 they will be able to get back to scheduling more options and we will be able to work with them around some of our bigger events.


Q: What is the Council doing to get into elementary schools to present about Scouting?
Our staff and district volunteers are speaking with every school district to ask about doing Scout talks at every elementary school.  If it were completely up to us, we would do school talks in 100% of elementary schools.  Some school districts have policies that forbid organizations like ours from making presentations to their students.  Some allow Scouting organizations at Back to School Nights and some allow us to put in fliers.  Some school districts do not allow us to do anything.  If your unit has questions about school talks, talk with your district executive.  If someone from your unit can help us get into schools that we cannot on our own, that would go a long way to continuing to spread the word about Scouting.  Though school talks are an excellent way to recruit, they are not the only way.  There are units in our council with absolutely no school access that have great recruitments.  It takes some creative work to find some other avenues in our communities to share information about joining.  Our staff is willing to work with any unit willing to work with us to come up with a plan for your community.

Q: What is the Unit Membership Chair?
Simply, they are the person in your unit that is responsible for coordinating recruitment efforts.  Ideally, this is the person’s only role, but we understand that volunteers in our units many times have to wear multiple hats.  Just like the annual popcorn sale or the camp card sale where there is a point of contact/coordinator, we are looking for someone in each unit to fill that role.

Q: Isn’t it difficult to find another adult to do another position?
A: Does your unit currently have plenty of leaders?  Plenty of kids?  If not, what are you doing to recruit more?  What are you doing to recruit more families?  Things that are worth doing take time and commitment.  If we do nothing to try to focus on finding more members and more adults to help us, we will never have more members or adults to help us.

Q: Should units shut down in the summer?
Absolutely NOT!  From one of the roundtable attendees: “[Shutting down in the summer] is probably the WORST thing we can do for membership.  Summer is when we have a Scout’s full attention separate from school/sports/band/theater/ and all the other things that our young men and women do.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Units should be making plans for what they are going to do over the summer months right now.  Units don’t need to meet every single week during the summer but staying active and engaged is a great way to keep Scouts and families excited about the program and it is a great way to attract new families to the program!

More on the topic from another attendee: “When I was Cubmaster, we made all summer activity recruitment activities/bring a friend activity and it made a huge difference in getting new members.  We could not get into the schools – what better time to get possible families involved and start slow than over the summer when they get a taste and meeting the members of the unit.  We did a “S’mores Scouting Night” in June, a GO York Hike in July that was an actual hike and a GO York Bike Hie on the rail trail in August.  Very little planning needed and always great turn out – of course we advertised on our Pack Facebook page to get more interest.”

Q: Is there any thought on doing a push for recruitment at National Night Out in each town/community that is holding a National Night out?
Absolutely!  We’ve pushed it the past few years, and we will be pushing it again this year with best ways to help your unit make the biggest impact.


Q: Is there going to be a formal sign up process for Scouts BSA that wish to help at Adventure Camps?
Yes.  They can register using the staff registration link.  You can find it here.

Q: What are the Camp Open Houses for?
 Camp Open Houses are a combination of tour and orientation meeting.  For units that have not been to camp or are interested in learning about what is new, the camp tour is a great way to learn what to expect before coming to camp.  For units familiar with camp, the Open House is a great way to meet some of the key summer camp staff and find out specific information about your week at summer camp.  

Q:  Will the new clearance system be used at New Birth of Freedom Council camps this summer?

Q: Will leaders need to bring a copy of their clearances?
 For New Birth of Freedom Council units, you will be able to update your clearances and check to make sure that all of your leaders/adults attending have clearances using the new system and the generated reports.  We will accept clearances in hard copy form when you arrive at camp, but it will make it so much easier if you can upload your clearances before camp.  We will check uploaded clearances versus who is on your roster and will notify you of anything that you are missing.  Anyone that does not have the required clearances will not be permitted to stay at camp until they have obtained them.  

New Clearance System

Q:  Who do we send issues with the new clearance system if we experience any?
 Danny Stone is our point of contact.  You can contact him at daniel.stone@scouting.org.  

Q: If we have missing clearances that need turned in, where do we submit them?
If the adult has a current BSA membership number, they can upload directly into their own profile at: https://clearances.newbirthoffreedom.org/app/login. They can enter their BSA ID number and birthday. They will be sent a confirmation code to log in. Once in they can view their clearances and upload their clearances.

If the adult does not have a BSA ID number they can upload them through the EmailMeForm that we have used in the past. This can be accessed here: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/VeYAk2T1XbQ3aCc079dBdJ9.

If you have pieces that need to be submitted, the can be submitted through the EmailMeForm or hard copies can be dropped off at either of our Service Centers and we can enter for the individual.

You can check out all of the options here: https://newbirthoffreedom.org/pa-clearances/submitting-pa-background-checks/

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