New Birth of Freedom Council Membership Plan

Anyone who has participated in the Scouting Program at any level knows how fun and exciting it is to participate in Scouting Adventures! COVID-19 has made it difficult for new families to connect with Scouting programs and to experience all of those fun and exciting adventures. 

In an effort to make sure that the New Birth of Freedom Council is making Scouting programs available to every youth in our communities our Council Membership Committee working with key leaders in each district constructed a Council Membership Plan that was presented and approved by our Executive Board.  

Our plan aims to accomplish 4 primary goals:

  • Recover the Scouts lost due to COVID-19
  • Recruit new Scouts at all levels in all programs, with a particular emphasis on Cub Scout recruiting
  • Retain existing Scouts by emphasizing a quality program by trained leaders
  • Start new units in previously underserved areas and emerging populations

You can find our full Council Membership Plan here.  

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