Scout Deliver Door Hanger Blitz and Online Sales Race to the Finish

We have 2 exciting initiatives to share with units as we hit the final stretch of our Popcorn and Nuts Sale.  This year’s sale has been going awesome!  The popcorn and nuts sale is a great way to power your year of Scouting and to earn credit towards your unit’s Annual Unit Program Fee.  Our committee has come up with 2 great things that ANY Scouting unit can do before the Popcorn and Nuts Sale officially ends on October 19!  Check each out and good luck on finishing strong!

Scout Deliver Door Hanger Blitz

Looking for something super simple to help get your neighborhood involved in supporting your local Scout unit?  Consider jumping on our Scout Deliver Door Hanger Blitz (check out the door hangers in the picture above).  We are piloting a program where Scouts fill out a door hanger, take it door-to-door in their neighborhood inviting neighbors and friends to support local Scouts.  Once ordered and paid for online, the product is then delivered by the Scout to the customer.  Scouts earn credit towards prizes and the unit’s overall total.  

How does it work?

  1. Pick up your door hangers at the Mechanicsburg or York Service Center or make arrangements with your District Executive or District Kernel to pick them up.
  2. Pick a time between September 19 and October 3 to distribute door hangers to your Scouts.  Distributing them could be part of a unit meeting or could be getting everyone together on a Saturday morning and distributing them all at once.
  3. Have Scouts fill out the back of the door hanger so that the customer knows which Scout is selling them product and can give them credit when they place their order.  Please encourage Scouts to make all of their information as legible as possible. There are 3 lines:
    • District Code: These Codes are listed below for each district
      • Battlefield = BAT
      • Conococheague = CONO
      • Heritage Trails = HT
      • Keystone Capital = KC
      • Pioneer = PIO
    • Unit Type and Number: For example: Pack 123 or Troop 45
    • Scout Name: First and Last Name of the Scout so that the customer knows who they are ordering from and that they can type the name in during their order
  4. Have Scouts distribute door hangers in their community.  Just like Scouting for Food, Scouts should not go alone.  They should either go as a group or make sure that they go in safe neighborhoods with family members.
  5. Orders will be collected through October 10th.
  6. Scouts will receive orders to deliver on November 10th.  NOTE:  Units do not have to include these products in their order.  These products will automatically be ordered for the unit.  The unit will receive an individual packing slip for every order.
  7. Scouts will deliver orders between November 10th and Thanksgiving.
  8. Units will receive a credit on their final invoice for all Scout Deliver Orders.

Online Sales Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish with Online Sales October 13th through the 17th!  We invite every Scout to participate in this one.  Our second initiative is aimed at inviting friends and family that don’t live in our local communities to help support your local Scout!  These orders are done 100% online.  Customers order products online and then those products are shipped directly to the customer.  The Scout and the unit get credit for the sale.  Products are limited to those available through Pecatonica River, but this selection is different from our traditional sale.  It includes coffee, nuts, chocolate products, and unique popcorn flavors!  Check out the full store!

This initiative requires that each unit kernel assign Scouts an online code.  You can follow the instructions here to set up your Scouts to sell.  Once set up, Scouts can invite friends and family through email or through social media messages letting them know how important Scouting is to them!


How do I get my door hangers?

Door hangers will be available starting on Monday, September 19 in the Mechanicsburg Service Center and Tuesday, September 20 in the York Service Center.  You can either come to the Service Centers during business hours or contact your District Executive or District Kernel to make arrangements to pick them up. 

What products are available for the Scout Deliver Blitz?

All of the popcorn and nuts products that are on the 2022 Order Forms are available including military sales.  The In the Shell burlap peanuts that are available for Show and Sell are NOT available for Scout Deliver.

What products are available for the Online Sales Race to the Finish?

These products are all through the Pecatonica River Online Store.  Products include some of the products that are in our product mix as well as other unique products such as special popcorn flavors, chocolates, and coffee.

How will I know if my unit has orders?

You will be notified from the New Birth of Freedom Council that your unit has Scout Deliver orders.  We will enter those orders into a special “SD” or Scout Deliver account.  You will be able to see the orders that we have received.

For Online Sales, you will see those sales in your unit dashboard in the popcorn system.

What do I need to do to receive these Scout Deliver orders?

Nothing.  Please do not try to order these products or to include them into your products needed.  We will order all of the product and provide it to you.  Along with the product you will receive a Delivery/Packing Slip for every order.  This will include the address of the customer and the product(s) that they ordered. 

When will I receive Scout Deliver orders?

Orders made through September 23 will be provided the end of September or early October.  Orders after September 23 will be delivered as part of the Take Order on November 10.

What if my Scouts want to sell to friends and family outside of the council footprint?

Scouts can do online sales to friends and family outside the council footprint using the Pecatonica River online store.  Please note that using this option limits the customer only to Pecatonica River products and includes the cost of shipping.  For sales through the Pecatonica River online store, products will be shipped to the customer directly.  Remember, the door hangers are only for Scout Deliver NOT the Pecatonica River online store. 


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