Silver Beaver Nominations Due By February 1, 2024

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is a council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. This award is presented to adults who have significantly contributed to the Scouting program over a longer period of time in a manner showing an exceptional personal commitment to youth and Scouting.  The award is normally given for service at the Council level, especially in leadership roles.

Do You Know a Scouter Who You Feel is Deserving of Consideration?

Then submit a nomination on their behalf. Please don’t assume that someone else will nominate that Scouter for the Silver Beaver.  If a person is not nominated, they will not be considered for recognition.

To download a fillable PDF version of the Silver Beaver nomination form, please go to Nominations must be received at either the Mechanicsburg or York Council Service Centers or emailed to Alexandria Houck at by February 1, 2024.

New nominations submitted for 2024 will be considered this year and again in 2025.  If a nominee is not selected to receive the award after being reviewed twice, a new, updated nomination will need to be submitted for that Scouter to receive further consideration for the award.

Suggestions From the Selection Committee Regarding Nominations

  • Those preparing a nomination need to remember that the nomination form goes to a selection committee that may or may not know the individual.  Include complete and detailed information.  Too often, deserving persons can be passed over due to insufficient information.
  • Be sure to complete all parts of the form.  Each area is important.  The committee looks at all aspects of a nominee including service to the community and youth outside of Scouting.
  • Scouting participation at a unit level only usually is not sufficient for the award.  This is a Council-level service award.
  • The number of awards to be presented is limited by quota each year, so deserving nominations are competing for the award.  Do not be discouraged if your nomination is not immediately successful.
  • The nomination form is typically prepared by one person.  While not required, including letters of recommendation can help to broaden the impact for selection committee members reviewing the nomination.  Letters saying “so and so is a good person – give them the award” DO NOT help.  Letters describing examples of service and the impacts showing an individual in-depth DO help.  Letters from those outside Scouting show wider involvement.
  • It is best to keep the submission confidential from the individual being nominated to avoid any embarrassment if the award is not given.

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