Camp Cards Best Practices for Units

Goal Setting

It is important for units to teach their Scouts about setting individual Scout goals for sales and also to communicate an overall sales goal at the Unit’s Camp Card Kick off.  Not only will this increase the likelihood that your Camp Card fundraiser will be successful for the unit and for all Scout and families who participate, it will set expectations for success and teach these important values to youth. 

Goal Setting Example:

A Scout troop with 25 Scouts sets a troop goal of $6,250, with a per Scout sales goal of 50 cards per Scout. ($5.00 X 50 cards = $250.00 per Scout.  $250.00 per Scout X 25 Scouts = $6,250.00).

Using the base commission rate of 50%, out of $250 each Scout sells, $125 is kept by the troop for the Scout and $125 is sent to the New Birth of Freedom Council.  The Council’s portion, less the cost of items to administer the sale, is used to help support camping facilities and programs. 

The troop committee decides what of the $125 each Scout earns by selling 50 camp cards.  For example, the troop could choose to keep $25 to purchase much needed new camping equipment.  This would give the troop $625 ($25 X 25 Scouts) for new equipment and leave $100.00 per Scout to use toward their fees to attend summer camp.

The troop also makes the decision to allow any Scouts who sell more than 50 camp cards (assuming all scouts sold at least 50 cards) to use the extra revenue towards summer camp. So, a Scout who sells 75 cards would have $187.50 to use towards summer camp fees (75 cards X $5.00 = $375.00.  50% commission = $187.50. 

BONUS – All Scouts in the above example receive a gift card to the Scout Shop, Hidden Valley or Camp Tuckahoe for every 50 camp cards they sell!

Camp Costs in Cards (New Birth of Freedom Council Camps – based on 60% Commission)

  • Cub Scout Twilight Camp ($80) = sell 27 Cards
  • Complete Uniform for Camp (Approx $100) = sell 33 Cards
  • Cub Scout Resident Camp ($165) = sell 55 Cards
  • Webelos Resident Camp ($315) = sell 105 Cards
  • Scouts BSA Summer Camp ($400) = sell 134 Cards
  • National Youth Leadership Training ($295) = sell 99 Cards

Sales Techniques for Scouts

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the Camp Card sale as a chance to train Scouts in public speaking, sales, and service.  Scouts and parents will appreciate the effort, and your sales will improve.  Have Scouts role-play and practice on your kick off night.  Steps to prepare Scouts:

  • Wear uniforms
  • Smile and be able to introduce themselves
  • Be able to explain how the sale helps the Scout attend summer camp
  • Be able to explain discounts that the purchaser will receive
  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines

Giant Camp Card Promotional Sign

These signs are available for your unit to use at Show and Sells you plan in front of stores and other places.  One sign is free to units that register and will be distributed with the Camp Cards.  When you register, additional signs can be purchased for $5.00 each.