Cub World Pirate Ship

Ever see a Pirate Ship on land before?  You will at Camp Tuckahoe’s Cub World!  Come on aboard mateys for some adventure on the high seas.

The Pirate Ship has proven to be one of the most fun and most visited elements in our Cub World.  Boys love to explore all of the ship’s decks and rooms, and getting your picture taken while at the ship’s wheel is very popular.

During fair weather during summer camp, packs attending any of the Cub Scout sessions can make reservations to stay in the ship.  There are 20 sleeping berths available on the ship.  If your group is interested in staying in the ship during your stay at Tuckahoe, please indicate your interest on your reservation form.  Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please be aware that that the ship was not designed to be water tight (sounds funny, doesn’t it?), so if it rains during your stay in the ship you could get wet!