Trail To Eagle Camp

 A Unique Opportunity for Older Scouts Nearing Eagle Scout

July 17-23, 2016

  • trail-to-eagle1Trying to figure out what you need to do to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout?
  • Wonder about your motivation to become an Eagle Scout?
  • Need some time to focus on your advancement requirements free of outside pressures while having fun with older Scouts at summer camp?

Trail to Eagle Camp at Hidden Valley will provide participants with opportunities in each of these areas. Plus you gain valuable experience working with older Scouts from other troops who are similarly focused on earning the Eagle Scout rank.

“Trail to Eagle” is a week-long resident camp designed to help older Scouts working toward the Eagle Scout rank. You form a Troop in camp with other like-minded Scouts led by experienced adult leaders provided by the council. This program will not be a “merit badge factory” – counselors will be rigorously following all badge requirements.

“Trail to Eagle” Camp will also provide participants with guidance on Eagle service projects, and the process for properly completing the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project workbook and Eagle Scout application, plus preparing for the Eagle Board of Review.

All Eagle-required merit badges will be offered during this special camp week, along with Climbing, Rifle Shooting, Archery, and Shotgun Shooting. Participants will be responsible for completing all necessary merit badge pre-requisites (see below) before arriving at camp.

Important Pre-Requisites for “Trail to Eagle” Camp Merit Badges

The following merit badge requirements MUST be completed at home prior to arrival at Hidden Valley and will not be covered at camp. These requirements will be strictly enforced and will require Scouts do all listed pre-requisites prior to attending “Trail to Eagle” Camp.

  • Camping – Provide own equipment for 7b, 8d plus a note from your Scoutmaster that you have completed 9a and 9b.
  • Citizenship in the Community – 2a (bring a map of your town), 3a, 7a, 7b and 7c (bring Scoutmaster note that you have completed eight hours of community service).
  • Citizenship in the Nation – 2, 3 and 6 (come prepared with the speech you will discuss), 8 (send letter to congressman, bring a copy to camp).
  • Citizenship in the World – Read pages 1-25 in the merit badge booklet and be prepared to discuss 1-3 during the first class. Complete 7 before coming to camp (depending on which two you choose to do).
  • Communications – 4, 5, if you choose 7b and 7c requires photos which you need to bring to camp or start the web page development to access from camp. 8 requires securing approval from your Troop’s Patrol Leaders’ Council.
  • Emergency Preparedness – 8 and First Aid merit badge
  • Environmental Science – 3e (NOTE: Environmental Science Merit Badge is very time consuming and will require Scouts to spend time in an observation area and complete other work during personal time.)
  • Family Life – 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • First Aid – 1, 2d
  • Lifesaving – Second Class requirements 8a-8c, First Class requirements 9a-9c
  • Personal Management – 1, 2, 8b, 8c
  • Swimming – Second Class requirements 8a-8c, First Class requirements 9a-9c, Must bring long-sleeved shirt and pants for class.

Here’s How To Sign Up

To Qualify: The week is limited to 150 Scouts, who have already completed First Class rank or higher and who will be at least 13 years old by June 1, 2016. Interested Scouts should sign up early to ensure their space in the program. Participants must also submit a fully-completed Annual Health and Medical Record when they arrive at camp.

Forms & Information