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Summer Camp Reservations Guidelines

Site Reservation: When making a summer camp reservation, the unit will make a $100 site deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable, however, if the unit attends camp, this $100 will be applied towards the balance due.

February 1st: Deposits are due for ALL registered youth and adults. These deposits are non-refundable, so confirming your registration numbers (and making changes, if need be) is highly recommended. You will not be able to reduce your numbers after this date.

For Cub Scout Resident Camp, deposits are $50 per scout/adult.
For Webelos Resident Camp, deposits are $60 per scout/adult.
For Scouts BSA Resident Camp, deposits are $60 per scout/adult.

NOTE: The number of Scout & Adult deposits made by February 1st is intended to make unit attendance as accurate as possible and will be used in allocating campsite space. This will help you have a great camping experience by ensuring your campsite is not overly crowded. If the unit exceeds the maximum campsite capacity, the Camp reserves the right to move it to a different campsite. As soon as the maximum capacity of a campsite has been reached, the campsite will be closed. Once all campsites have been closed, that session of camp will be closed and a waitlist will be created.

Adults splitting the session: If there are adults that are splitting the session, DO NOT include the extra adults in your registration. The adult who will be arriving at camp with the unit should be included in the registration and all adults that will be splitting that session with him/her will need to complete this form

Example: Mikey’s dad is arriving with the Troop on Sunday, but will need to leave on Wednesday afternoon. Bobby’s stepdad will arrive Wednesday afternoon and stay until the end of camp. This equates to one paid adult in the Troop’s registration. Mikey’s dad needs to be added as a Participant in that registration and Bobby’s stepdad needs to fill out this form.
If you have any questions, please email Kate or call at 717.620.4525

Merit Badge Class Registration: Registration for Merit Badge classes open on February 1st at 9AM. For every deposit that has been paid, you will be able to register 1 scout for merit badge classes. We recommend that all scouts are entered into “My Group” prior to February 1st so the Merit Badge sign-up process is quick and easy.

Full Payment: Full payment for all campers is due May 1st. All rates increase by $25 after May 1st.

Check-In: One adult from each Unit will meet with the Business Manager and will settle any remaining balances at this time. Unit refunds will be issued after the close of each session of camp.

Walk-up Registrations:
If your session of camp is closed, we will not accept walk-up registrations and you will be turned away.
If your session of camp is open, but your campsite is full, the entire unit may be moved to a different campsite to accommodate everyone. We will not split up the unit unless requested.