Venture Shooting Sports Weekend

Venture Shooting Weekend 2018

WHEN: Friday 16 March 2018 – Sunday 18 March 2018
WHERE: Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, 268 Hidden Valley Road, Loysville, PA 17047
COST: $55 per participant (Includes camping in Cabins, Food, Ammunition, all Activities)


Concept of Operations:

The Venture Shooting weekend will focus on the shooting sport activities available within the Venturing Program.  The goal is for each Venturer to develop their shooting skills while receiving recognition through: the NRA Marksmanship Award program, the Venture RANGER shooting sport elective, and the Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award. Shooting is fun and this program will focus on these competitive shooting programs with Venturers receiving group and personalized instruction and mentoring to help improve their archery and marksmanship skills rather than “just plinking”.

In addition to the competitive shooting events a “Venture Sampler of Shooting Sports” will be available to introduce Venturers to various shooting disciplines and allow them to “try their hand” at each one. There will also be various fun and challenging events such as special targets and Laser Target Training System.

This year we will have the “Sporting Arrows” program available. This involves shooting special arrows at targets thrown by a special skeet style thrower.

The cost for participants will cover food, lodging in cabins, and ammunition for the basic program. Administration will be based out of the Wagner Training Center and the Dining hall will be used for most meeting, eating, social, and instructional activities. Participants will be sleeping in the Olewine Cabins, Whitaker Lodge, and Labor Lodge.  This is a council event so adult supervision will be included for the cabins and all activities.

The 30 minute safety briefing previously given on Friday night will be combined with the Range Safety briefing and first course of fire at the range. You must attend the safety briefing before shooting each discipline.

Only Registered Venturers can participate in Venture Specific activities.

Boy Scouts can participate in this event but they are restricted to Boy Scout Shooting activities. (i.e. .22cal Bolt Action Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, BB rifle, Muzzleloading Rifle, knives and tomahawks).

NRA Shooting Award Program:

Based on previous shooting weekends, the NRA awards will probably be the primary recognition earned by participants during this shooting weekend. Many of the participants will have already earned some level of award through this program and will be continuing to earn higher levels. The complete requirements for all NRA shooting awards can be found at: under awards.

Venture Shooting Sports Sampler:

The Venture shooting sampler will introduce Venturers to the shooting and related activities available through the Venturing Shooting Sport program.  Each of these activities will consist of a station where Venturers will be introduced to the activity, given instruction in safe operation, and guided through performing the skills.  The focus will be on trying out a skill and determining any further interest.

The stations will include the following disciplines:

1. Target Archery
2. Sporting Arrows (Flying Targets)
3. Pistol
4. Rifle
5. Shotgun
6. BB Rifle
7. Laser Target Shooting
8. Air Rifle
9. Air Pistol
10. Muzzle Loading Rifle
11. Muzzle Loading Pistol
12. Knife Throwing
13. Tomahawk Throwing

Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award:

The Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award is a national award earned by completing 5 of the 7 shooting disciplines required for the Ranger Shooting Sports elective. The Venturers’ record sheets will be signed for each discipline as they are completed; Venturers can then complete the remaining requirements with their home crews.

The Seven Ranger Shooting Sports Elective disciplines with their associated requirements are:
1) Air Pistol
   a) 5 shots each at 8 TQ7 targets at a distance of 25 feet for a total of 40 shots: Score 240 out of 400.
2) Air Rifle
   a) 2 shots at each of bull (10 shots per target) using AR5/5 targets at a distance of 33 feet for a total of 60 shots. Shoot 20 shots from each position: prone, standing, kneeling: Score 225 out of 600.
3) Archery
   a) Shoot 30 arrows at 18 meters on a 60 centimeter five color target: Score 150 out of 300.
   b) Or Shoot 30 arrows at 40 meters on a 122 centimeter five color target: Score 200 out of 300
4) Muzzle loading Rifle (we many not meet the distance requirements)
   a) 1 shot at each bull on 10 M02400-NMLRA targets at a distance of  25 yards from the standing position for a total of 50 shots: Score 250 out of 500
   b) 5 shots at one M02406-NMLRA target  at a distance of  50 yards from the standing position for a total of 5 shots: Score 25 out of 50
   c) 5 shots at one M02406-NMLRA target  at a distance of  50 yards from the sitting position, resting the rifle on crossed sticks for a total of 5 shots: Score 25 out of 50
5) Shotgun
   a) Break 50 clays of a possible 100 on a trap course.
6) Pistol
   a) 10 shots at each of 6 B-2 targets from standing position at a distance of 50 feet with a minimum time of 10 minutes per target for a total of 60 shots: Score 360 out of 600.
7) Small bore Rifle
   a) 1 shot at each of bull using A17 targets at a distance of 50 feet for a total of 60 shots. Shoot 20 shots from each position: prone, standing, kneeling: Score 225 out of 600.


Friday 16 March 2018

1700-2000 – Arrive Camp Hidden Valley Check In (Dining Hall)
2000-2200 – Cracker Barrel/Social Events (Dining Hall)
2200 – TAPS Lights Out
2300 – Lights Out (In Bed, hygiene breaks excluded)

Saturday 17 March 2018

0700 – Reveille
0730-0830 – Breakfast  (Dining Hall)
0830-0900 – NRA Awards Criteria Briefing (Dining Hall)
0900-1200 – Range Time (Session 1)
1200-1300 – Lunch (Dining Hall)
1300-1700 – Range Time (Session 2)
1800 – Dinner (Dining Hall)
1830-1900 – Chapel Service (Dining Hall)
1900-2300 – Cracker Barrel, social, and dance
2300 – TAPS Lights Out

Sunday 18 March 2018

0700 – Reveille
0700-0800 – Pack up all gear, clean and sweep cabins
0800-0900 – Breakfast (Dining Hall)
0900-1200 – Range Time (Session 3)
1200-1300 – Lunch (Dining Hall)
1230 – Court of Honor & Awards Ceremony (time can be adjusted based on departure times)
1300 – Check-out and Departure of Participants (Early departure can be arranged, but please check out, so we aren’t looking for you.)
1300-1500 – Optional Range Time

Note: Due to policy changes, the 30 minute safety briefings will be combined with the on range safety briefings.

Youth Protection Training – if you have not yet completed your Youth Protection Training and/or Venture Youth Protection Training, it can be done through your account and must be completed before attending this program.

Required Clearances – All adults that are residents of Pennsylvania must have their required clearances on file with the council. If you have not yet submitted your clearances, please submit them ASAP to your nearest service center or online at

Please bring a signed copy of the Pistol Permission Slip with you to hand in when you arrive. The form can be found here:

Note: All payments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

All Participants are expected to follow the New Birth of Freedom Camp Rules. Details can be found at