Camp-wide Events – Safari Theme!

You’ll Enjoy These Safari-Themed Camp-wide Events!

Outback Excursion (Camp-wide Games)

The jungles of Tuckahoe hold many perils for inexperienced adventurers, so the Scouts will prepare by competing in a series of challenges.  Games of chance and games of skill will test their abilities, and they’ll certainly have a lot of fun.  But beware, for Dr. Maligno’s minions have prepared a series of traps to waylay other explorers!

Jungle Jaunt (Treasure Hunt)

Rumors record that the lost Tuckahoe tribe once possessed a treasure of immeasurable value!  Now, some cryptic clues have surfaced, suggesting that the treasure could be found.  Will the clues lead your Scouts to a buried treasure, or the fabled lost city of gold?  The race is on!


Castaway’s Challenge (Water Carnival) – Webelos Camp Only

Imagine the explorer’s surprise when they discover that they’re not alone in the jungles of Tuckahoe!  A mysterious hermit – the lone survivor of a forgotten shipwreck – has been dwelling in these woods for years.  This castaway has learned a lot about the land since he was stranded years ago, and he’s willing to share what he’s learned with those he deems worthy.  The Scouts will have to outlast Dr. Maligno’s minions in a series of water challenges to secure the castaway’s aid.  It’ll be a water carnival you won’t soon forget!  We’ll be introducing new water games this year in addition to maintaining some of our old favorites, including the famous Leaders Belly-Flop Contest!

Backcountry Bonfire (Campers Campfire) – Webelos Camp Only

Spending so much time on safari affords at least a little time to relax and enjoy some entertainment, so all of our brave explorers will be invited to perform their best songs, skits, and cheers at our Backcountry Bonfire!