Wizard Safari

On-Line Background Check Submittals and Other Stuff

Thanks to all of our leaders who have already submitted their PA-mandated background clearances using our on-line system.  The on-line submittal process appears to be working very well and provides leaders and parents needing to submit background checks with an easy and convenient means of turning in their paperwork to the council.  You can upload...

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Thanks for a Great Wizard Safari Weekend

A fleet of tractors pulling trailers filled with gear and campers helped get everyone into Wizard Ranch smoothly on Friday evening.

It is not possible to thank everyone enough for the myriad of things, both large and small, they did to help make Wizard Safari 2015 a successful weekend for so many of our council’s youth members.  I know it’s a cliche to say this, but if I tried to list everyone whose efforts were important...

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