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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for adult volunteers to help set up Exploring Posts and Clubs in all 6 districts!  If you are interested in volunteering with a unit in your area, contact the STEM and Exploring District Executive at Rebekah.Schardt@scouting.org for more information.  There are several different ways to help:

  1. The Sponsoring Organization Representative is the direct contact between the Lab and the sponsoring organization. This individual is also the organization’s contact with the local council and with the Advisor and Associate Advisor.
  2. The Advisor should be a leader who is able to communicate well with adults as well as with youth. They should be able to delegate responsibilities and set a good example through behavior, attitude, and uniform.  The Advisor should have a degree of expertise or connection to the career field focus of the Post.
  3. The Advisor has a big role. Having Associate Advisors allows him or her to share responsibilities.  Every Post or Club should have at least two Associate Advisors so there is plenty of assistance during meetings.  The Advisor and the Associate Advisor are responsible for the youth and the Lab.  The Associate Advisor leads the Post or Club in the absence of the Advisor and assists the Advisor as is required for smooth and efficient functioning.

The best ways to stay informed regarding updates to the New Birth of Freedom Exploring Program is to:

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