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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can we still sign up or add New Registrations to attend the Wizard Safari on October 23-25?

A: Yes! Unit, family and individuals can still register to attend the Wizard Safari October 23-25.

The cost is $25.00 per person for anyone camping for the weekend.

Parents and sibling visiting for the day and not camping will not be charged.

Q: Where can I find the Schedule?

A: 2015 Wizard Safari Schedule *Updated 10/19/15

Q: Is there a Waiver for the COPE and High Adventure Areas (Age ≥ 14)?

A: Yes, and it can be found HERE

Q: What are the Emergency Procedures, Plans, and Protocols?

A: See our “Wizard Emergency information packet”
Please Post the Last Page of the Packet at your site in case of emergency.

Q: What do the Layouts of the Camping Areas look like?

A: Boot Hill Area, Kit Carson Area, Staff and Order of the Arrow Area

Q: What are the details around Campers/Trailers/RVs and Tent Setup?

A: Units and families are welcome to leave your camper/trailer/RV at Wizard Ranch until Wizard Safari, but it will be at your own risk*. The camp gate will be left unlocked and we would encourage you to pick everything up as soon as possible.

We will be re-establishing security on Saturday, October 17th and we encourage that everyone drops off equipment between Saturday, October 17th & Friday, October 23rd.

*Please note: The council will not be responsible for any damage or vandalism of trailers or camping equipment that is left unattended.

Q: Can Cub Scout packs camp overnight?

A: Not in the unit camping area, but Webelos can camp with members of a Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout families can camp in the family camping area.

Q: Can Cub Scouts attend just for the day or half day?

A: Yes, registration will be open until 2:00 pm on Saturday, but all participants pay the same $25.00 fee. Be aware some of the activity stations require the participation of more than one Cub Scout.

Q: Do parents, siblings and visitors pay?

A: All Scouts, leaders and parents camping overnight pay the $25.00 Fee. Day visitors and siblings are free.

Q: How do you apply for a Refund by October 16th (due to Reschedule)?

A: All registrations were transferred to the new Wizard Safari date, October 23-25, 2015.
If anyone in your unit is currently registered but is unable to attend the new Wizard Safari date, they will be given a full refund.

To qualify for a refund, we must be notified via email no later than Friday, October 16th. No refunds will be authorized after that date. Please be sure to include exactly how many Cubs, Webelos, Scouts, Venturers, and/or Leaders/Adults will need to be refunded as well as if we are to refund your unit account or mail a refund check (including the name & address of where that one refund check will need to be sent.)

Q: When can I pick up my Trading Post Order?

A: Trading post orders will be available for pickup starting October 7 at the Mechanicsburg Service Center. All orders not picked up in advance will be available at the Wizard Safari Trading Post Wizard Safari October 23rd.

Buffalo burger orders will be available at the Wizard Safari Trading Post October 24 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Sorry, no new orders for merchandise or buffalo burgers can be placed.

Q: What is provided in the camping areas?

A: Drinking water and central portable toilets. Be aware, you will need to have containers to hold the water for your campsite.

Q. Are out-of-council (not from New Birth of Freedom Council) units able to sign up to attend the Safari?

A. Absolutely, positively YES.