How to Start a Scouts BSA Troop


Steps to Create a New Unit:

Step 1: Chartered Organization Agreement

Every potential chartered organization must complete this agreement which outlines the responsibilities of the new chartered organization as well as the local council. 

Step 2:  New Unit Application

The new unit application collects the key information about the new chartered partner including the executive officer and location of the unit.  

Step 3:  Adult Leadership Identified, Recruited, and Trained

All new adults must complete a BSA Adult Application.  They must also complete the Pennsylvania required background checks.  Before an adult can be registered they also must complete Youth Protection Training.  

A troop requires the following leaders who must complete the following training:

Chartered Organization Representative:

Must complete Youth Protection Training.  Recommend completing Chartered Organization Representative Training

Committee Chair:

Must complete Youth Protection Training and Committee Training (available online at

Committee Member (need 2):

Must complete Youth Protection Training.  Recommend completing Committee Training (available online at


Must complete Youth Protection Training, Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training (available online at, and Introduction to Outdoor Skills (available in person only).  Recommend completing Hazardous Weather Training (available online at

Assistant Scoutmaster (recommended):

Must complete Youth Protection Training.  Recommend completing Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training and Hazardous Weather Training (available online at, and Introduction to Outdoor Skills (available in person only)

Step 4:  Program Planning

One of the key elements of all successful troops would be the troop’s annual program plan and planning conference.  There are a number of great resources available to help with Program Planning.  Here is a link to some of the best resources.

Preparation Steps


Meeting Plan

Planning Conference Guide (PowerPoint)

Step 5:  Recruit Youth Members and Orient Parents

All new youth need to complete a BSA Youth Application.  Assigning a Committee Member to be a New Member Coordinator is a great way to help get youth and parents acclimated to the unit and Scouting.

Step 6: Turn all of the paperwork in and Get Scouting!

Paperwork can be submitted before February 1

Completed Paperwork includes:

  • Signed Chartered Organization Agreement
  • New Unit Application
  • Adult Applications, training, and background checks
  • Youth Applications
  • Appropriate Fees
  • $40 insurance fee
  • $33 registration fee per individual (prorated $2.75 per month)
  • (optional) Boys’ Life Fee prorated