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Hooked on Scouting

2017 Pack Hooked on Scouting
Recruitment Program for Fall Roundup

Hooked on Scouting is the New Birth of Freedom Council’s fall recruitment campaign designed specifically for new Cub Scouts.  Every new Cub Scout recruited in August and September will receive a fishing rod and invited to participate in an exclusive fishing event!  

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Information for Families

Fishing Locations-September 30th

Adams County-Lake Marburg

Cumberland County-Opposum Lake

Follow the directions provided above for Opossum Lake.

Look for the Hooked on Scouting signs as you enter.  The instructional part of the program will begin just off the second parking lot where there is a pavilion.  Scouts and families will then be able to fish along the shore.  

Dauphin County-Middletown Reservoir 
(Please note that this location is a very rustic location with limited parking and some walking from the parking area to the fishing area.  The Memorial Lake location has much better parking and direct access to the fishing area)  

Off of Roundtop Road there are 2 parking areas.  The first that will be on your left is a little larger, but you will have to walk down the main trail to the fishing area.  The second is much smaller.  

Franklin County-Waynesboro Reservoir
(Please note that this location is a very rustic location with limited parking and some walking from the parking area to the fishing area.)  

Please make sure that if using a GPS you use Waynesboro Dam instead of the Reservoir.  Parking is at the end of Waynesboro Dam Road.

Lancaster County-Muddy Run Reservoir*

Lebanon County-Memorial Lake*

Cumberland/Perry County-Colonel Denning State Park

York County-Lake Williams


*These events will be in conjunction with the new Scouts in the PA Dutch Council

Fishing Day FAQs

Are Families Allowed to fish at the Hooked on Scouting Day?
Yes. These are family events and we want the whole family to come and participate. Scouts should bring their new rods, but the rest of the family will have to bring rods if they want to fish at the same time. We will have VERY limited additional rods for family members to borrow.

Do I need a license?
No. We are working with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and each of our events are considered family fishing events so family members participating during the event do not require a lisence. If you would like to fish after the event then normal fishing regulations do apply.

What is the schedule?
Events will start at 9am. There will be general instruction for about an hour. We will teach Scouts and families to be S.M.A.R.T Anglers as well as make sure everyone knows how to tie basic fishing knots, knows how to cast a rod, and knows the basic fishing regulations for our waterways.

Information for Units

How can my unit participate?

Commit to using the Hooked on Scouting program this fall, by completing this form online or you can download the form below and submit it to your District Executive.  

Hooked on Scouting Commitment Form

Why ‘Hooked on Scouting’?

  • Hooked on Scouting is a program that has been proven in other Councils to encourage Scouts to join a local unit through the added incentive of a fishing pole and a fishing event.
  • Boys that join at the beginning of the Scouting year get the benefit of the whole Scouting program cycle.
  • Boys and their families get to attend an exciting outdoor experience within their 1st month as a Cub Scout.
  • This type of recruitment also increases the unit’s ability to recruit new leaders right away in the fall and get them trained.

How Does it Work?

Step 1:  Set up a Roundup Night for August or September
Step 2:  Conduct a Roundup Night in August or September
Step 3:  Distribute Fishing Poles to Scouts on the Hooked on Scouting Roundup Night
Step 4:  Distribute Tickets to September 30th Fishing Events
Step 5:  Follow up with anyone that didn’t commit
Step 6:  Have a Great Year of Scouting!

Support Materials

Hooked on Scouting Unit Guidebook
Roundup Night Checklist
Roundup Night Agenda
Hooked on Scouting Timeline
Hooked on Scouting Commitment Form