Spring Recruitment


COVID-19 has changed the face of the globe and Scouting.  After nearly a year dealing with the COVID -19 pandemic there are undoubtedly families and Scouts that are eager to find a local Scouting program and we want them to be able to find you.  

Recruiting is a year-round responsibility of all of our adults and youth in the New Birth of Freedom Council.  Spring can be a great time to recruit as the promise of summer camp adventures are only weeks away.  Prospective Scouts and families are thinking about nice weather, the outdoors, and activities that are at the core of the Scouting camping experiences.

This year, to help get new Scouts engaged in Scouting right away, our Membership Committee has put together a fantastic Spring Membership Plan.  Your unit may be thinking, But we don’t typically recruit in the spring.  This is true of many units, but we are asking you to help us find Scouting homes for the thousands of youth looking to get involved in positive outdoor programs after dealing with this year long pandemic.  We are asking your unit to help us in 3 major ways.

Please follow each of these links to learn more about how your unit can participate in bringing Scouting to youth in our communities.  Keep reading below for more general information about the Spring Recruitment process.  

What is Spring Recruitment?

Spring Recruitment is simply the process of inviting and registering new Scouts and their families in the Scouting program.
Spring Recruitment is for kindergarten-age youth going into 1st grade through 4th grade youth going into 5th grade.

Spring Recruitment is NOT for youth going into kindergarten.  Lion recruitment should be fall only (starting in August).  There are no summer opportunities for Lions and Lions should register as close to the start time of the program for their den, which is the fall.  If inquiries are made, packs should collect information and invite this families to recruitment opportunities starting in August.

It is also recommended that packs don’t do spring recruitment for youth entering the 6th grade.  If there are inquiries, packs should have the contact information for the local troop(s) to provide to the prospective Scout and his/her family.

Additional Spring Recruitment Incentive

Camping, whether a resident camp or a day camp, is a promise that Scouting makes to every new family.  For families that join in the spring this is something that we can deliver on right away!  

For every Scout that joins in the spring, the New Birth of Freedom will extend the early registration fee regardless of when they sign up for participation in the 2021 Camping Season.  This is an additional $15 (Day Camp) to $25 (Cub and Webelos Resident Camps) benefit to each new Scouting family.

New Scouts should coordinate with their unit to register the Scout.  Only pay the discount fee, and notify Camping Services of the new reservation.  We will then manually adjust the discount for each of those Scouts.


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