Hooked on Scouting – Spring Edition

2021 Pack Hooked on Scouting
Recruitment Program for Spring Recruitment

COVID-19 has limited and restricted Scouting activities for the better part of a year and there are tons of youth and families, Scouts and non-Scouts who are eager to find SAFE, FUN, and WORTHWHILE programs for the whole family to enjoy.  It is the goal of the New Birth of Freedom Council to provide Scouting opportunities to any interested youth and his or her family.  This year, to get the year kickoff right, we have worked with Bass Pro Shops to provide s Spring Version of our Hooked on Scouting campaign.  Every Scout recruited from March 15 until May 15 will receive a fishing pole and will be invited to participate in a fishing event!

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Information for Units

How can my unit participate?

Commit to using the Hooked on Scouting program this spring, by completing this form online.  

Why ‘Hooked on Scouting’?

  • Hooked on Scouting is a program that has been proven in our council to encourage Scouts to join a local unit through the added incentive of a fishing pole and a fishing event.
  • Boys and girls that join at the beginning of the Spring get the benefit of the summer Scouting experience.  Also, will advancement changes, they have more time to complete rank requirements.
  • Scouts and their families get to attend an exciting outdoor experience within their 1st month as a Cub Scout.
  • This type of recruitment also increases the unit’s ability to recruit new leaders right away.

How Does it Work?

Step 1:  Set up a Spring Recruitment Night for April, May or June
Step 2:  Conduct a Spring Recruitment Night in April, May or June
Step 3:  Distribute Fishing Poles to Scouts
Step 4:  Distribute Tickets to our Fishing Events
Step 5:  Follow up with anyone that didn’t commit
Step 6:  Have a Great Summer!

Support Materials

Spring Recruitment Plan 2021
Recruitment Night Checklist
Recruitment Night Script Spring 2021
Spring Recruitment Timeline 2021
New Member Coordinator Job Description
Using Facebook and Social Media to Promote Your Recruiting Night
Updating Your BeAScout Pin to Accept Online Applications

Fishing Day Locations

May 15, 2021 – 9:00am to Noon
Hidden Valley Scout Reservation
268 Hidden Valley Road, Loysville, PA 17047
Site contacts:  Cory Kercher, Cory.kercher@scouting.org and Sal Franqui, sal.franqui@scouting.org
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May 15, 2021 – 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Lake Redman – Sparton Road Boat Launch
Get Directions here.
Site contact: Michael Adelberg, Michael.adelberg@scouting.org
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May 22, 2021 – 9:00am to Noon
Lake Marburg – Codorus State Park – Sailboat Launch Area
Get Directions here.
Site contact: Christopher Lontz, Christopher.lontz@scouting.org
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May 23, 2021 – 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers Association
6611 Hunters Run Road, Harrisburg, PA
Site contact: Roger Chatell, Roger.chatell@scouting.org
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Fishing Day FAQs

Are Families Allowed to fish at the Hooked on Scouting Day?
Yes. These are family events and we want the whole family to come and participate. Participants need to bring their own rods and rigging to participate.  There WILL NOT be spare rods to borrow.  For New Scouts that signed up as part of the Spring Recruitment Campaign, you will be able to pick up your rod at the fishing event when you check in.  Youth who are interested in signing up for Scouting can get a rod at the fishing event by turning in a completed application with payment for registration fees at the event.  

Do I need a license?
No. We are working with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and each of our events are considered family fishing events so family members participating during the event do not require a lisence. If you would like to fish after the event then normal fishing regulations do apply.

What is the schedule?
Events will start at the posted time. There will be general instruction for about an hour. We will teach Scouts and families to be S.M.A.R.T Anglers as well as make sure everyone knows how to tie basic fishing knots, knows how to cast a rod, and knows the basic fishing regulations for our waterways.

How many people can attend?
Some of our events have limited space due to COVID-19 regulations.  This is why we require everyone to register so that we can follow each site’s COVID-19 guidelines.

What COVID-19 guidelines are in place?
All participants will be required to be masked when they arrive and observe social distancing during the instruction portion of our event.  Temperatures will be taken when you check in as well as a COVID-19 screening from.  If you or anyone that plans to attend feels ill the day of the event or is awaiting the results of a COVID test, please STAY HOME.