Experience Camping “Jamboree Style”

The encampment will be set-up “Jamboree Style” in one centralized area, in the large open field opposite of the main Safari activity area. Webelos Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, and Explorers will all be camping together. The encampment will be divided up with main and side streets allowing access throughout the encampment area.  Unit campsites will be assigned by the Safari committee and will vary in size based on the number of campers in that unit (more campers = larger campsite).

All units are requested to register for the Wizard Safari through Tentaroo, the Council’s online registration system.  Depending on whether your unit plans to camp for the weekend or come just for the activities on Saturday, there are different registration options to be used.  Please visit our Safari Registration page to choose the right option for your unit.   

Webelos Dens, Scouts BSA troops, Venturing crews and Exploring posts are expected to camp out the entire three days.

All units and attendees are required to observe the following Wizard Safari Encampment policies:

  • Low-impact cooking: Propane, solar, charcoal, or other non-wood means of cooking are recommended because of the scarcity of firewood and because of the limited time available for extensive meal preparation. Ground cooking fires are discouraged, but not prohibited. The National BSA Fuels Policy should be observed by all attendees.
  • Open fires: Must follow good Scouting practices as outlined in the Scouts BSA Handbook. Please do NOT bring firewood with you to camp. To avoid the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer and Spotted Lanternfly, we ask units choosing to use ground fires to only use finished lumber or firewood gathered on Wizard Ranch property. Units should also provide their own fire rings made out of barrel sections or similar materials. The sod should also be removed from beneath the fire ring and replaced at the end of Safari.
  • Campsite Inspections: The Safari committee realizes the size of the encampment and the number of activities scheduled for the weekend and wants all to be able to participate without the worry of a formal inspection. Units should use good Scout camping practices for exposed ropes on tents and dining flies, along with safe practices for using axes and saws. Persons from the Safari Health and Safety committee will be around the sites looking for health and safety hazards and will ask units to correct these items immediately. Please work with these individuals when they visit your campsite.

Overnight Camping for Cub Scouts

Family camping by Cub Scout packs is available with proper adult participation in the family camping area, which is located in a different part of camp than the encampment. This area will be vehicle accessible and will support tents, pop-ups, and small trailers. No hook-ups for trailers will be provided.  Please refer to the Vehicle Policy for specific information about set up and vehicles in camp. 

When family camping, each youth member is to be under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. In special circumstances, a Cub Scout whose parent or legal guardian is not able to attend an overnight camping trip may participate under the supervision of another registered adult member of the BSA who is a parent of a Cub Scout who is also attending. The unit leader and a parent or legal guardian must agree to the arrangement, and all Youth Protection policies apply. At no time may another adult accept responsibility for more than one additional “non-family member” youth.

Health & Safety

Units should bring medical forms with them for all Safari participants, as they would do on any unit camp out. These forms should be kept with the unit as per their normal camp out procedures. Units should also bring their own first aid kits and carry first aid kits with them as they head out to do the Scout program on Saturday. There will be an EMS team on site for serious injury and police will be on the property directing traffic and general safety patrols.

Tiger and Cub Scouts will be day visitors on Saturday and Sunday, with special program activities geared specifically for them. Camping by Cub Scout packs can occur with proper adult participation in the family camping area. Please refer to the Vehicle Policy for specific information about set up and vehicles in camp.

Gateway Competition

One of the traditional events at the Safari has been the unit gateway competition and the 2019 Safari will be no different.  Units are asked to create and build a gateway to display in front of their campsite at Safari.  Gateways should follow the theme of a “Trail Through Time” and focus on the legacy of Scouting, a historical event, or something of note from the last 110+ years of Scouting.  Be creative and resourceful. 

Gateways will be judged in the following areas:  Design/Construction/Exhibition, Subject Knowledge, Appearance, Neatness, Complexity, Uniqueness, and Ability to Communicate the Desired Theme.  The top three gateways will receive overall recognition.

Early Bird Set-Up

Beginning Saturday, October 5 at 7 AM, there will be an opportunity for units wishing to erect gateways and otherwise prepare their campsite.  It should be understood that although night security will be provided, all items and materials left unattended at the campsite are done so at the unit’s own risk. 

For complete details about Wizard Safari, download the 2019 Wizard Safari Leader’s Guide!