Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Cub Scout packs camp overnight?

A: Not in the unit camping area, but Webelos Scouts can camp with members of a Scouts BSA Troop and Cub Scout families can camp in the family camping area.

Q: Can Cub Scouts attend just for the day or half day?

A: Yes, registration will be open until 2:00 pm on Saturday, but all participants pay the same $25.00 fee. Be aware some of the activity stations require the participation of more than one Cub Scout.

Q: Do parents, siblings and visitors pay?

A: All Scouts, leaders, and parents camping overnight pay the $25.00 Fee. Non-Scout Day Visitors and siblings that are not camping overnight are free.

Q: What is provided in the camping areas?

A: Drinking water and central portable toilets. Be aware, you will need to have containers to hold the water for your campsite.

Q. Are out-of-council (not from New Birth of Freedom Council) units able to sign up to attend the Safari?

A. Absolutely, positively YES.

Q. Where is the best place to get all of the details about the 2019 Wizard Safari?

A. Download the 2019 Wizard Safari Leader’s Guide