2019 Wizard Safari Program

The 2019 Wizard Safari program will feature activities, adventure, and fun for Scouts of all ages.  There will be programs available to all participants as well as programs that are specific for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and our older Scout programs. For a full list of activities and details download the2019 Wizard Safari Leader’s Guide!

Special Events and Program

Time Capsule – Time Capsule Opening at 8 pm on Friday Night

We will be opening the Time Capsule that was buried at the 1987 Wizard Safari and will be displaying it in our Scouting Museum. We will also be creating a new time capsule to be opened in 2055. Every participant at Wizard will be given a 3″x5″ index card that they can write a message on for their future selves. 

We are also asking that each unit attending brings one (1) item to place in the new Time Capsule, its dimensions should not exceed 3″x5″x3″.

Scouting Museum

Special for Wizard 2019, we will be having a Scouting Museum open throughout the event and will be filled with different Scouting memorabilia, past Wizard items, and will be the location for the Time Capsule once it is opened on Friday Night.  Scouts will have the opportunity to put in a message for the new Time Capsule while they visit the museum.

Climbing Tower

Special for Wizard 2019 we will be having a climbing tower that is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF SCOUTING.  This will be a 30ft portable climbing wall with 4 different levels. Participants will be required to have completed the release form which is part of the BSA Health Form in order to participate in this activity.

World Record Attempt – 4 to 4:30 pm on Saturday

The New Birth of Freedom Council is planning to attempt to break a World Record! This year we will be attempting to complete the world’s longest chain of carabiners. We need your help! Scouts and participants will be provided World Record Attempt Carabiners and will need to be present on Saturday to help us assemble this chain which will be over 2,000 carabiners long!


Safari will feature its own unique branding station.  With a Safari brand and other Scouting brands available, we encourage Scouts to bring scrap pieces of leather or leather items that you would like to have branded. We will have several items available for purchase that will be able to be branded as well, including a special mug designed for branding!

Deadwood Midway

Just outside of the Safari town of Deadwood will be a whole midway of activities and demonstrations for Scouts of all ages.  We will have activities and stations for all of the following groups and more!:

Blacksmithing Radio Demonstration Chainsaw Carver
ATV Demonstration Leave No Trace Order of the Arrow
Religious Awards Presentation Horse Racing Brown’s Orchard – Apple ID
BeeKeeper Association Model Boats Taskforce 50 4 Wheeler Safety
US Coast Guard Civil War Encampment Raven Ridge Wildlife
Railroad Museum Audubon Society How High Can You Fly
Post Office Susquehanna Heritage Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Trout Unlimited Department of Conservation of Natural Resources Fish and Boat Commission

Campfire and Fireworks

No Safari or Scouting event would be complete without a campfire (Saturday evening at 7:30 pm)! Our Campfire will feature the York College Rock Band and an amazing fireworks display! Don’t miss them!

Corn Maze

Wizard Safari has its very own Corn Maze! If you like navigating your way through corn mazes this is definitely a can’t miss activity!

Cub Scout Specific Program

Cub Scouts will have their own age-appropriate program consisting of a variety of themed stations. Cub Scouts will also be able to participate in the special events and activities and earn their World Record Attempt Carabiner. Cub Scouts are encouraged to family camp for the weekend and stay for the council-wide campfire show on Saturday evening.

Activities Include:

BB Range Hover Ball Shooting Zombie flag pull
Catapult making Zombocalypse survival GaGa Pit
Color Ball Dash Tennis Ball Pass Pony Express Message
Beach Ball Connect4 Rodeo Boards …and MORE!

Scouts BSA Specific Program

The Scouts BSA/Webelos Scouts program will also have a variety of stations and a trail guide to follow. The program will be a learning activity with units being able to earn a World Record Attempt Carabiner for all Scouts in the unit. The program focus will NOT be on unit competition as is usually the case at a typical camporee.

Activities Include:

Archery Tomahawk Throwing Signaling
3-legged Sack Relay Backpack Relay Two-man Saw
Obstacle Course Horse Lasso Fishing and Casting
Wilderness Survival Orienteering …and MORE!

Older Scout Programs

High Adventure at our Tombstone High Adventure Area is for Scouts 14 years of age or older. Scouts BSA must be at least First Class rank or higher to participate. The program will offer a variety of challenging events, including spar pole climbing.  Events are designed for advanced Scouts, Venturing Crews, and Explorer Posts.

Activities Include:

Spar Pole Climbing Crate Stacking Slackline

Gateway Competition

One of the traditional events at the Safari has been the unit gateway competition and the 2019 Safari will be no different.  Units are asked to create and build a gateway to display in front of their campsite at Safari. Gateways should follow the theme of a “Trail Through Time” and focus on the legacy of Scouting, a historical event, or something of note from the last 110+ years of Scouting.  Be creative and resourceful. 

Gateways will be judged in the following areas:  Design/Construction/Exhibition, Subject Knowledge, Appearance, Neatness, Complexity, Uniqueness, and Ability to Communicate the Desired Theme. Winners will be announced at the Closing Campfire Show. We will be awarding the following for gateways:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall
  • Most Unique

Trail Grub

On Saturday, all participants will be eating lunch on the trail. They will have a half-hour to eat a bag style trail lunch while traveling from station to station, to keep the program schedule moving. Participants should pack their lunches in their bags before they leave to hit the trail in the morning.