2019 Wizard Safari Program

The 2019 Wizard Safari program will feature activities, adventure, and fun for Scouts of all ages.

Cub Scouts will have their own age-appropriate program consisting of a variety of themed stations. Cub Scouts will also be able to participate in the special events and activities and earn their participation pins. Cub Scouts are encouraged to family camp for the weekend and stay for the council-wide campfire show on Saturday evening.

The Scouts BSA/Webelos Scouts program will also have a variety of stations and a trail guide to follow. The program will be a learning activity with units being able to earn a participation pin for all Scouts in the unit. The program focus will NOT be on unit competition as is usually the case at a typical camporee.

High Adventure at our Tombstone High Adventure Area is for Scouts 14 years of age or older. Scouts BSA must be at least First Class rank or higher to participate. The program will offer a variety of challenging events, including spar pole climbing.  Events are designed for advanced Scouts, Venturing Crews, and Explorer Posts.

Trail Grub

On Saturday, all participants will be eating lunch on the trail. They will have a half hour to eat a bag style trail lunch while traveling from station to station, to keep the program schedule moving. Participants should pack their lunches in their bags before they leave to hit the trail in the morning.

Lots of Things to Do and Experience!

Along with our action-packed program, we also have loads of other activities for you to see and do. Whether you’re a Scout, Scouter, or visitor, here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

  • Fireworks Display – on Saturday night … a Wizard Safari tradition!
  • Climbing tower
  • Branding – bring leather items and scraps to get branded
  • Scout Museum and 1987 Wizard Safari Time Capsule opening – historic Haines & Scouting items on display
  • Themed Exhibitions and Re-enactors
  • Trading post and food court
  • Fellowship with Scouts and Scouters