Rendezvous The Dragon’s Quest



Calling all Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA Scouts, Venturing Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Explorers – ADVENTURE AWAITS!  Join us September 24-26, 2021 at Hidden Valley Scout Camp and harken back to the days of old.  Join us at the Kingdom of Hidden Valley where Scouts will mingle with knights and squires, lords and ladies, and live like the heroes of now-distant days.  

Scouts should not expect an easy sojourn.  The Dragon’s Quest is not made for just any ol’ person…it is designed for Scouts – for Scouts to discover what it truly means to be a knight in the current age.  This quest is met with festivity filled with games, food, and joy.  Those who attend this great gathering will have the experience of a lifetime!

Cub Scouts, Scouting families, Scouts BSA Scouts, Venturing Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Explorers are encouraged to register for Rendezvous today!  Participants can register to be a Weekend Camper or just a Day Visitor.  Register by September 7, 2021, to save $10 on your registration fee. Find out more about getting registered here.  

As part of the Dragon’s Quest, there will be adventures for Scouts of all ages!  Participants, youth and adults, are encouraged to experience all that Rendezvous has to offer while in costume.  Some of the most exciting programs include learning how to blacksmith, discovering the world of falconry, branding with an iron, and participating in the Catapult Competition!  Learn more about all of the exciting programs and the weekend schedule here.  

Whether coming for the day or the whole weekend, all participants will be invited to participate in the end-of-the-day festivities in the form of a campfire program with fireworks!

Join us for a medieval adventure September 24-26, 2021!

Download the full leader guide here.  

View the Leader Meeting for Day Visitors here.
View the Leader Meeting for Weekend Participants here.

Lords and Ladies looking to serve as part of our great Rendezvous Staff, register today!